in a world where hungary banned gender transition, ukraine banned sex ed, poland wants to ban "lgbt ideology" and slovakia wants to restrict abortions

y'all spend two weeks arguing about the default name of a github repo?????

I don't think it's politics that tires me out, it's just the fact that everyone argues about bullshit all the time, only to let the real problems rot our society more and more

at least americans taking over twitter with blm has real roots in real problems their country is dealing with, and while a lot of people again spend their time "disagreeing" about ~what the protests are actually about~ they can agree that something is wrong

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@waifu the recent rise in homophobia and far right governments in eastern Europe has been pretty whack, I'm surprised people don't talk about it more tbh
@waifu that's literally the point of these things
it's a distraction to avoid ACTUALLY changing the things that MATTER

@toast @waifu but.. but.. all the bad isms will be defeated if only we stop referring to the main git branch as master. That’ll fix… I mean.. just everything really.

I’m sure there were literally dozens of people super offended and completely unable to work on any git hosted project due to that terrible terrible word. Dozens!


@waifu @nik its easy as fuck to change one of those things, not the others. and i think the reason it becomes a fight online is because it becomes obvious what its really about. for example, you listed a bunch of examples of gender/LGBTQ descrimination, but not anti Blackness, which is what master is about. why are you so insistent that we talk less about anti Blackness?

@cosine @waifu just because she didn't mention it doesn't mean she's not against blm, or is "insistent that we talk less about anti blackness", she mentions those specific examples because she's a trans person in eastern europe, where this oppression is taking place.
@cosine @waifu on the flip side, would you get mad at a black person in the usa for not also mentioning trans issues?

@nik @waifu uh yeah, id get mad if i were Talking About Trans Issues and they interrupted to say "it doesn't matter, anti Blackness is the only real issue"

cops murdering Black people in the US is a real issue that waifu didn't mention, and even while i ask people to change their branch names, i am marching, organizing locally, sending letters, etc, so the implication that it's distracting is false. it sure sounds like she'd just rather i ignore anti Blackness

@cosine @waifu i assumed her comment about the branches was focusing on how it's an inconsequential effort (as most people only have so much energy for activism, so if it's being drained on arguing over git branches, it's being wasted when it can be brought towards more significant issues), not about how it's focused on anti blackness (she didn't shit on marching, organizing, sending letters, etc), at least that's how i view it

but anyways she has me blocked so it's not like this conversation could include her anyways

@nik @waifu that's what she said, and to that i responded that one of these things is easy to change. what i then talked about is what she /meant/. you have to be able to see the racist undertones of this stuff so you don't broadcast it. why do you give her so much charity if she has you blocked? Well, I wouldn't really expect someone from the US to prioritise issues in Hungary over local or international (one can argue it is international by being systemic though).
But intentionally inventing offensive connotations to words to then fight them is so Don Quixote I can't find any good reason for this no matter how hard I try.
I stumbled upon this video:, that argues the word "marijuana" is offensive, and even it makes a better point.
It's like people are so unsure what is and isn't offensive they will use their personal judgement no more – if someone on the Internet says it is then it is.
I've seen so much interesting logic around the Putin's upcoming reset. Seeing even more level-headed reasoning is making me anxious.

> Well, I wouldn't really expect someone from the US to prioritise issues in Hungary over local or international

True, so you better be supporting Black Lives Matter

> so you better be supporting Black Lives Matter
@waifu I don't know enough about everything that happens under that name, and it's not really up to anyone specifically I guess. So I wouldn't expect you to sign up for it all, and I hope you don't expect that from me (the notice's a bit ambiguous).
But I think we can all agree on that police brutality is a thing, black people's lives do matter and George Floyd should've been alive today.
As far as I know, that's the idea. reminder that poland wants to ban abortions, and if a women will get an abortion she can go to prison if they push it thru

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