It would be really easy to spin research done by race into something that makes more sense: teach statisticians Gis

Huh? I don't understand how you think that the latter could follow from the former and if it'd be a good thing.

@bthall because race bias usually is closely tied to income, and this is tied to where you live.

As an example: an African-American kid growing up in a white, wealthy neighborhood is more likely to be similar to his neighbors than to other African-Americans living in a poor hood

Oh! Yes, indeed! I'm curious to explore problems like this with spatial econometrics. :)

@bthall this sounds similar to what you were talking about, integrating economics, statistics, GIS.


Indeed! I'm interested in using some resources that I've found for "geographic data science" as a means of getting into spacial econometrics and data science in general. :) My brother's active disinclination to study GIS outside of college courses frustrates these hopes for me, but maybe I need to just lead by example.

@bthall @lnxw37d2 @bthall I worked in this realm, I suggest to learn Spark early on

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