silent message-seen indicators: terrible idea

replying manually to say you've seen a message: annoys recipient if sent at wrong time

solution: have a way to reply but quietly

The world's so fucked up by advertising that “I want to not steal this person's attention immediately” is a revolutionary and never-seen idea

@flussence call your ActivityPub vendor and tell them you want support for the Read activity. Doubt it'll ever happen, but all the protocol parts are there to stick a "mark read" button next to a message which will notify sender.
@tedu @flussence Since this would be an active operation, what would be the reason for the reader to click that button? (and as an automatic operation it would be a privacy nightmare)
@patrick read receipts can be useful as a quick ack. Yeah, I saw that. But as stated, if you actually reply "gotcha" at 3am and cause their phone to buzz, they won't like that. You would only need to ack messages if it's important to confirm.
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