Follow is recreating the authentic gamefaqs experience on fedi

@flussence what does this mean? I only know gamefaqs as the place where I'd find walkthroughs of dubious quality.

@tedu the forums were somewhat infamous in the days before 4chan for being as Lawful Evil as it gets, and they probably remain so to this day. One of the last holdouts on the internet where you can get banned for swearing (or usually nothing at all), and the technology stack has always been a joke: can't post anything fancier than latin-1, and the formatting options are about on par with Mastodon.

@flussence ah, I guess I "missed out" as none of my searches for "where the frick is the macguffin" took me there.

@tedu it's mercifully cut off from the outside world nowadays. One of the forums was sealed off to new users in the early 2000s after law enforcement came knocking for Reasons.

I'll just say: sites like Voat and Gab are hardly a novel idea.

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