well, my workplace has now put me on a 14 day unpaid sick leave because of me being in contact with someone who is badly sick, who was in contact with a COVID positive person, and because my throat was sore and my nose has been runny. x_x I'm worried about groceries. paying the rent. fuck...

They should have at least read the list of symptoms (I'm sure your state health dept has it). Then they'd know that runny nose is NOT a common symptom of #COVID-19.

@lnxw48a1 the OSDH did say that it is a rare symptom. the main reason why the two week leave is me being in contact with a presumed covid positive case who is badly sick after being in contact with a confirmed covid positive case.

That really stinks. In the morning, call your state unemployment office and maybe social services. Hopefully, OK isn't as slow to respond as CA is.
@amic @lnxw48a1 Alex jones said drink tonic water. And he doesn't even sell Tonic Water so got to be tru!!!
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