rip, one less person on

I need to update to 3.0 soon, still waiting on @lnxw48a1 to migrate from GNU social.

@amic @lnxw48a1 Or maybe upgrade their GnuSocial to the latest forked version? It has support for ActivityPub.

I'm not planning to migrate from GS. I am running Diogo's 2.0.0-dev, but there's currently a bug with AP, so it is disabled here.

I am adding a Pleroma instance soon, but I have some things to figure out and put in place before that happens.

@vaartis @amic @knuxify is gnu social ever going to get activitypub support so we can talk to it again from, ah, let's go with popular fediverse software that has dropped ostatus support?

@anna @amic @knuxify there was something in progress some time ago, idk if someone still works on it
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