tfw we have gigabit but our wireless isn't all that good and we haven't been able to route ethernet yet

@alayna @amic 2.4ghz shouldn't be that bad lol

Still a shit ap
@steph @amic her card is shit too and idk how traffic could affect it, we have like 10 billion other APs in this aprtment complex
@alayna @amic only people I know who live in apartments are first year university students lol
@alayna @amic nah I think it's just country culture differences

@steph @alayna @amic same here (dunno how they pay bc rents are sky level)

@steph @alayna @amic with my old desktop, I had to move channels once in a while bc of usb3 interference

@amic that upload's still 3 times better than mine wired jlsafdjlhg

@amic speedtest-cli
Retrieving configuration...
Testing from X (X.X.X.X)...
Retrieving server list...
Selecting best server based on ping...
Hosted by X(Barcelona) [X km]: 3.985 ms
Testing download speed...
Download: 597.51 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed...
Upload: 409.08 Mbit/s

@amic I hope you'll be able to run good wiring soon!
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