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zvirra @zvirra@nulled.red

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in which im drunk and burst in saying "gimme me ur taxes"

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When I say can't sleep I fall asleep faster

Putain @Dhveszak m'a appellée MOMMY ça devien tendouh

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@zvirra je savais pas désolé :(((

joyeux anniversaire en retard !!!!!

t encore plus vieille maintenant mais je t'aime quand même mommy

Jesus Christ I got so high and drunk last night

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Dans le tiex avec les khokhs bordel 2 mærde

that was incredible lads

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Things that are edgy:
Being homosexual
Wanting children
Not taking drugs
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hands so cold they pink.....

What's up with people getting into relationships without even being really good friends with the person? Isn't it an obviously bad idea :?

I'm just gonna head home I forgot my usb key lol

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Happy birthday, @zvirra! Hope it has been good to you so far.