@deadsuperhero I read this as "GNU/HARD" and was about to become lewd police. LMAO

@woah GNU/HARD, the libre porn streaming server (and protocol).

Written entirely in Guile. 😑

@woah @deadsuperhero

Ok, they just *have* to call version 2.0:

GNU / HARD 2 : GNU/Harder
(GNU with a vengeance)

... Oh, that's going to be too obscure for the kids I guess - at least until old Bruce Willis movies make their way to Netflix...


@Blort @deadsuperhero die hard movies are the best - don’t assume we are all kids on here lmao

@woah @deadsuperhero

Oh, I don't. My guess was just that that particular joke may go over the heads of the people not yet born when ol' unarmed Bruce single handedly took out a whole building of terrorists with barely more than a "yippie kay yay...."

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