Yo who wanna watch the birdcage with me?

fyi my pleroma server was fucked for the past hour or so so i've probably lost track of any replies unless your server retries
Thinking about self-hosting Foundry Virtual Tabletop on pea.sh 🤔

If nulled turned pleroma, I wouldn't even blink twice about it.

Shot in the dark, but I don't know anyone out here but my ex's family and we're not on great terms. If there's anybody in the East Valley in Arizona who'd be willing to stay in the waiting room during surgery and give me a ride to the pharmacy then home this Thurs at 1 please lmk

My blog for techy #fedi-related posts:


* Getting started
- First steps to running a web service on a Raspberry Pi
- A simple model for network data size and disk space usage of a fediverse instance

* Installation Write-ups
- Pleroma and Mastodon on the Raspberry Pi 3
- Pleroma on the PYNQ-Z1
- Hacking the Pleroma: Elixir, Phoenix and a bit of ActivityPub

* Raspberry Pi 3 on QEMU
- Debian Buster for Raspberry Pi 3 on QEMU
- Raspbian Stretch for Raspberry Pi 3 on QEMU

Fuck tonight
Fuck this week
Fuck this life rn.

fuck vs code write your code on paper and mail it in to Compile Corp USA in Ohio to get your software compiled and sent back on a 3.5" diskette

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