slobber on my knobber like corn on the cobber

my current torrent setup is definitely about as janky as humanly possible

We hold these twuths to be self-evident, that all men awe cweated equal, that they awe endowed by theiw Cweatow with cewtain unalienable Wights, that among these awe Life, Libewty and za puwsuit of Happiness desu.--That to secuwe these wights, Govewnments awe instituted among Men, dewiving theiw just powews fwom za consent of za govewned, --That whenevew any Fowm of Govewnment becomes destwuctive of these ends, it is za Wight of za Minnasan to altew ow to abolish it.

11:11 just something good pls...........pls

@woah LG's smart TVs actually run webOS! There's also a phone project but I don't think there's much happening with it

I really need a hug right now and someone to tell me they are proud of me.

I really should upgrade my ram soon because it's so cheap right now :blobcat3c:

@profoundlynerdy Some of the machines, like my Amigas with multiple serial ports have both wifi modems, serial lines going into raspberry Pis w tcpser, and ethernet cards.

My primary C64 has a userport wifi modem that I built from a "Sparkfun ESP thing", which is basically a really nice esp8266 module with built-in voltage levelers. I mounted it in an old Epyx Fastload cartridge shell...

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