going to hug the FUCK out of my friends next time I see them I swear to god

Can't believe the most boosted post on this side of fedi has my name on it

slobber on my knobber like corn on the cobber

my current torrent setup is definitely about as janky as humanly possible

We hold these twuths to be self-evident, that all men awe cweated equal, that they awe endowed by theiw Cweatow with cewtain unalienable Wights, that among these awe Life, Libewty and za puwsuit of Happiness desu.--That to secuwe these wights, Govewnments awe instituted among Men, dewiving theiw just powews fwom za consent of za govewned, --That whenevew any Fowm of Govewnment becomes destwuctive of these ends, it is za Wight of za Minnasan to altew ow to abolish it.

11:11 just something good pls...........pls

@woah LG's smart TVs actually run webOS! There's also a phone project but I don't think there's much happening with it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LuneOS

I really need a hug right now and someone to tell me they are proud of me.

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