Karen didn't post it but she's updating

migrations are taking a while, hang on tight everyone :blobblush:

ok karen posted it so I'm wrong but if you haven't seen it now you see it.

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@waifu uhh I think she did posted it, I even favorited it :blobcatthink:

@isi I got a DM asking me what's up so I wasn't sure... whoops

@waifu I mean, its always good to repeat notifications like those for people who didn't noticed the first notification :meowreachmelt:
@waifu @isi i must have missed that one >_<
sorry for the confusion (dyskombobulation?!)

@waifu it's a lot of fun

- otp 23 being too new for some deps
- you need cmake now???
- random duplicate entry in db breaking migration
- migration taking forever because most dbs aren't over 100gb

@katka @waifu
> otp 23 being too new for some deps
how come? I run and develop pleroma on otp 23

@rin @waifu syslog didn't want to compile and i had to update the rebar config to use latest pc like here

@katka @waifu oh, yeah, that should've been documented. rebar leaves some artifacts in deps, so it would fail even though the syslog dependency has updated the plugin to work with otp 23

@rin @waifu yeah deleting a _build in /deps/$THING was something i sure haven't done before

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