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My switch friend code is
I play on @karen 's switch so we have the same island
idk how nintendo switch works but add me if you play acnh.... maybe... πŸ‘€

* right-wing fedi has terrible political takes and is most of its prominent members are genuinely awful people, too
* left-wing fedi is cliquish and too prone to cancelling people for minor differences in opinion
* liberterian fedi is just right-wing fedi, there's literally no difference

are there any good people with good politics left on here

everyone received 10k peanuts
axel trololol and PDP and all tacos pitchers got shelled

peanut guys are fine

what is even worse we now have a pretty bad newbie batting first in the lineup
we prolly not making the finals

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breath mints batter Boyfriend Monreal was incinerated

fuck Jaylen Hotdogfingers and fuck the umps

Hey fedi people does anyone still play here

I'm asking just to know who to @ when I wanna sell my oranges

just one more team to eliminate then mints are in the postseason

would u rather fight 1 10grans-sized snarg01 or one hundred snarg01-sized 10grans

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