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My switch friend code is
I play on @karen 's switch so we have the same island
idk how nintendo switch works but add me if you play acnh.... maybe... 👀

high school biology didn't even teach me how to tell catgirls and other animal ears girls apart

v češtině máme sedm pádu
1. aplikační
2. prezentační
3. relační
4. transportní
5. síťový
6. linkový
7. fyzický

just wanna snuggle my gf and drink mixed drinks

@waifu catgirls can have a little hot dog, as a treat

why do i get motivation bouts right before getting tired

had cofe but got sleepy and it's also getting late wth

the nobodyartist tag on twitter is stupid. people that have industry work already are promoting their suspiciously new twitter accounts. clout hunters. i wanna see the half-refined people's work so i can follow them and watch them improve and cheer them on. I'm not making a cartoon, I don't need to follow a background artist with a wikipedia page. I wanna see sketches of marianne fire emblem

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