we dont have much time now that kawen followed me
quick post pikas before i disintegrate

wtf kawen found me
i got busted
i gotta run to a different alt

hit that like button if you remember nulled pasty

ami update your mastodon, the new moderation tab is so much better

as the moderator of nulled.red i order @mike to stop

quick question for the IT smart people
do the words "dotted hexadecimal number" or "dotted quad" ever get used

i love how it says :action taken by waifu: when really it was mike doing the silencing

why does mike place reports its his own instance he can resolve them himself

Hey Red;
We're not gonna get away with this, are we?

☆Pasty boosted

here are some #Czechfacts:
1. The president is called Miloš Zeman
2. We have the highest beer consumption per capita
3. We have the oldest operating Astronomical clock in Prague
4. Pancakes in Czech is "Palačinky"
5. The three biggest cities in the Czech republic are Prague, Brno and Seattle

Mike is like witches or cybre now we gonna have 666 or 512 or something

oh fuck i left my 3DS in sleep mode now it isnt charged...

Heya~! It's Pasty, your friendly nulled community moderator!
So far we have moderated one (one) toot, which was a meme for Mike Cole to see.

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