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My switch friend code is
I play on @karen 's switch so we have the same island
idk how nintendo switch works but add me if you play acnh.... maybe... 👀

me: ok... ive done things... its happy time
bad brain: but you shouldve done more things smh its sad time

think it's gn time...

i wish real work as fun as sea of thieves

me before: wow kafka is stupid. you telling me those random ass people have power over the protagonist's life? nobody knows what he's prosecuted for but he still gets ostracized? why does he not fight back at the end. this book makes my head hurt
me now: yeah just like real life anyway my head hurts

goddamn americans 😡 can't even enjoy blonde girl fanart these days

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anyways, to talk about the smallest things that bother me. why do people from the fe3h fandom hate ingrid

honestly dont know how to feel about dead cells changing everything up

why did a game from 2017 just get a big rebalance update

tlapka visits Fin City - the city of big fish

me when someone switches from english to their native language in the middle of a post: wow this sucks now i can't read the post

me when i do the same thing: boží. nejvtipnější věc co mě napadla za poslední týden.

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