from the amount of times i've bonked up my linux and done fresh re-installed, i've cultivated an aesthetic called: "Whatever, The Default Config Looks Pretty Good: The Complete Polar Opposite of Ricing"

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@toffee its an absolute miracle that i havent borked my linux install on my laptop.

Im using stuff like arch and i3wm riced to heck but I did all that like 3 years ago and its been stable and almost maintenance free

@toffee I even did a psuedo-distroswap in place with no reinstall, moving from manjaro to stock arch and it somehow went fine and didnt break

@6a62 what in the heck that really is a miracle, I borked my arch install almost immediately after i got everything feeling nice by Ham-Fisting some devkitpro stuff :blobcatmeltcry:
but wtf that's dope, i wanna see the riced i3 one day

@6a62 wtf this is such a coolboy setup... x-series chat josh

@6a62 *chad josh
ANywaY hello here's mine for reference LOL. the cherry on top is .. elementary os with debian icon for the app menu

@6a62 merci, it's so extremely uncool i know, but it IS uber comfy and simple and ElementaryOS works despite me slapping away commands in the terminal with boxing gloves on

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