I have been EXPLOSIVELY unproductive these past few days (months) time to work on that

just received some troubling news (my 2nd year uni grades)

help me ive gone down the hand-pulled noodle video rabbit hole

piloting a mech is the SICKEST FEELING EVER but damn the game itself sorta stinks

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my stomach is so weak, the gooey walls and crabs that jump at you were MY ABSOLUTE LIMIT GOD my heart pounds the second i boot it up. But the actual Horror Segment is too much

Downloading Vox Machinae & becoming a cute EVA pilot

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"a federated alternative to reddit written in Rust" is even more Reddit than Reddit is

dizzee rascal is going to release Bonkers 2 before a single pixel of elden ring news is shown

i am making progress on this daily! issa good habit to get into, but what i've worked on today i don't wanna show off yet.. spoilers!

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if anyone here has a Twitter even just as a backup, it'd be awesome if u could follow me twitter.com/gamesaretoohard
i'm trying to make it in the twitter world and get that clout

** then they try and stay at an optimal distance for shooting, so they move away from you if you're too close. They're pretty much these guys from Nuclear Throne

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rly rly basic first-level enemy AI, they wander wherever until they see the player,

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"toffee why does this look like total SHIT" -- WELL for all games i wanna do protoyoptyes before making art, so if it's un-fun it's easy to drop. (((is too scared to start learning how to 3d model)))

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