my day got made by the smallest thing ever lmao. was popin

Welllll.. it's cheating. I made an Assimp luarock that works with Love2D, I'm happy this worked so freakign quickly, with any file format too.
*deletes the pure Lua DAE loader i spent hours on while crying*

The idea for this whole thing is years old, like a devil daggers arena but a top down twin stick. Skimming through my sketchbooks looking for ideas to experiment with while I'm trapped in Boris Johnson's Goofy Gulag

scrapped idea, looked better in my head lmao. need to get better at modelling things, this first attempt is kinda embarrassing

Making a 3D model import library with Assimp for Love2D. Can't wait to make this into a luarocks packag- *remembers that luarocks sucks* ah fuck

This is such a good video! (also the attached, t. trump wanting to get people back to work)

3d modelling is up there with brain surgery and quitting vim in terms of difficulty

STILL NOT WORKIN bro screw this im makin vidyagames

Been working all morning trying to get an ultra-basic C lua extension lib to work with luajit and i've had 0 luck. This is a windows-only thing, works perfectly on WSL

ran outta toilet paper gotta use my ahegao hoodies

thing that's driving me totally nuts today is the TINY difference in the title bar size between love2d and gamemaker. I WANT THE 3PX THINNER ONE BACK

fixed my sleep schedule for the first time in weeks then NAPPED AT 5PM FOR 8 HOURS

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