ive been playin smash with friends and i GOTTA share my cool zelda kicky girl KO

broa im so bummed out . new avi do not PM me

speakin of games: uni is finished for tha semester!!! 🌸🌸 im gonna work on my game a bunchh i need a demo by January. meeting up with friends & want their opinion!

one day i will be sitting in kojimas seat and my game will be nominated for "most Dipshit". when vin diesel opens the envolope and hollers my name i laugh manically and give a thank you speech to each of my plushies individually

no elden ring ? no smash bros ? literally a 3 hour samsong qled tv advert

girl next to me is reading the S
sayonara zetsubou-sensei manga what the fuck??? based

my bus was overfilled, waiting for the next one, black forest hot chocolate 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌:aqua_crazed:

Can't find a single thing about voting in my city, like what tha hell. My polling card has my parents address, literally boutta take a 2hr bus ride to vote. B]

time 2 chilax & enjoy my free afternoon *reworks my engine* *reworks my engine* *reworks my engine* *reworks my engine* *reworks my engine* *reworks my eng

if I won da lottery I'd buy a nice house in da woods with a pond (& fiber optic) and make this

oh? MY dream? maybe.. to create a 3D N64/PS1 style engine that's as easy & fast as love2d

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