dis guy hacked my fridge i didn't know he was shredded. ..

when i make new friends i get totally *obsessed* with em for a while, and when they're exactly the same its like

i'm on such a shrimp trip right now. they're all i can think about

@toffee when I got robbed at gunpoint I had to go to the cops to get a report so I could get a new drivers license. the cops didn't do anything and actively made fun of me during process.

A tiny thing driving me nuts are people responding to ACAB posts like "oh yeah? I bet they're the first people you call when you're being robbed". I can guarantee that person has never actually needed help from cops, I have and they're fucking worse than useless

to the 1000000000000 girls DMing me im sorry, boris banned sex


anyway I'm going to spend my day googling pictures of freshwater shrimp & watching AntsCanada videos


4-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, shoe polish and brake fluid FOR MEN

i literally cannot put into words how copshit pro-arson i am

hey you guys use computers right? what's the best & cheapest servers for development? need to host a teeny tiny UDP Lua server

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