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Oh also
Piercings and ear stretching,
Style and fashion advice,
Bleaching, coloring and color theory for hair

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A bit of fish care(goldfish and betta)
Trans as a coping mechanism (how my story went, moral support, etc)
Emetophobia support
Sex ed

((Not a professional at any of these except design which im currently studying! The rest is only my experience))

I dont think theres anything sadder than looking through a pairing’s ao3 page with the latest update being 2014

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Hey followers and friends
Please go back to calling me Bella.
I probably have a type of dismorphyc disorder which is why i cant tell what i want my gender and body to be.
Refer to me as she/her
Sorry for the inconvenience

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i wish i was tall and slim but im ok with my proportions rn

cant wait to get my bridge and my other nostril pierced aaa but i need to wait for my septum to heal

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Warning for Canadians who plan on crossing the US border: Show more

Should i do something dumb?? Should i cut my hair?

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olivia has BRS too. we lost a great soldier today

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gender???/genitals/freud/misogyny Show more

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