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Oh also
Piercings and ear stretching,
Style and fashion advice,
Bleaching, coloring and color theory for hair

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A bit of fish care(goldfish and betta)
Trans as a coping mechanism (how my story went, moral support, etc)
Emetophobia support
Sex ed

((Not a professional at any of these except design which im currently studying! The rest is only my experience))

Cant wait for christmas bc i want this goddamn semester to end already lol

I’ve been with lucas for a year and seven months... so crazy

I think the mall is closed ;.; i want potatoes pls

Wonder when ill stop hating my feminine side lol

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I wanna get a switch but i also want to save up to move out tough decisions

Im gomna go homs and play lol to forget how much i hate life rn

Had a relationship talk with lucas... i miss him so much we barely have time to spend together i hate this

How much should i sell my dsi and 3ds for

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deleted my fb account just in case

how to ask for political asylum wiki how

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