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Oh also
Piercings and ear stretching,
Style and fashion advice,
Bleaching, coloring and color theory for hair

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A bit of fish care(goldfish and betta)
Trans as a coping mechanism (how my story went, moral support, etc)
Emetophobia support
Sex ed

((Not a professional at any of these except design which im currently studying! The rest is only my experience))

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Me: holds bugs on my hand
Also me: way too scared of a larvae to be near a tree

Lucas is applying to be a teacher

I am no longer a gamer girl i dont game

Im listening to clairo am i indie yet

I can smell the poop pls no

If i were a poke trainer gym dude i think i’d be bug type or electric type

A dog shat on the yard

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Gal Pals - lesbians
Gal Pills - feminizing HRT
Gill Pals - mermaids
Gill Pills - pills that turn you into a mermaid

literally all of these things are extremely good

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gender neutral blobs > inclusive emoji of all skin colors and sex

Wonder if the depression is bc of the meds or if its bc everyone is being an ass

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I look cute check my insta @ ghost_friend

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Can we get high on catnip?

I used to take 0,5 then haha