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Oh also
Piercings and ear stretching,
Style and fashion advice,
Bleaching, coloring and color theory for hair

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A bit of fish care(goldfish and betta)
Trans as a coping mechanism (how my story went, moral support, etc)
Emetophobia support
Sex ed

((Not a professional at any of these except design which im currently studying! The rest is only my experience))

Any one know of any search engines that.. dont manipulate the responses as much as google?

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im gonna pee my friend is getting me clip studio paint for my birth!!

basically i want a pack that has botanical, witchery, biomes o plenty, pams harvestcraft and agricraft but they all chonky and my pc cant handle

hello, anyone knows any soft minecraft modpacks that have farming/cooking stuff + witchcraft?

its over. Im done with that. theres nothing good in that

why am i always coming back here when colby is on my mind... its like i think im gonna find him here and we'll magicaly not hate each other

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million dollar idea: copyright the ancap flag

Yo if you'd like to get your tarot read and you have tabletop simulator message me
i'll do 5 dollars for big readings and 3 dollars for smaller ones (up to 5 cards)
i take paypal!

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hi if u got acnh pls try visiting my town

im gonna pee why does 60% of open source stuff have anime girls as mascots

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invite me to ur discord servers frendos

If any 1 wants feet pics or a video of an e-girl saying anything u´d like lemme know!! doing some chill prices :p

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