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Hey fedi, I hate doing this shit but I'm doing it anyway as I kinda need to do so.

I just moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma and it was quite expensive, I also had to find a new job and my first paycheck was half of what it will usually be since I started in between pay periods. I have about $60 to my name and have to renew my server with OVH in about two weeks and renew a domain I use. If you'd like to help me out I have a liberapay page.


thanks in advance.

there's much less discussion about Mr Robot on fedi than i would expect. excellent show imo.

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I have met some really wonderful people here and had some incredible conversations and have been exposed to new and exciting ideas and I'm really grateful to have found this place. I feel like interactions with people here have helped me become more confident in my art and in myself and people have been so kind and supportive during hard times and I just want you all to know I very much appreciate all of you, and I'm looking forward to the next year! 💜 💜 💜

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employment should be easy to access! freely given! and at will!

tech: *gives u a Gig Economy*

no not like that

JESUS some girls are so cute. walking through this airport is killin my poor lil heart

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Ami came into my house again
Started flinging beans everywhere
Called me the bean boy
I'm crying
She smeared beans on my monitor

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oh, this was maybe partly caused by the people in the hotel room next to me arguing in *yells* for *hours* until like 4am

my dream last night kept alternating between A) i killed my lover, tried to cover it up, and was in the process of being discovered, and B) my lover was not dead, and people were gaslighting me to make me believe i had killed her. in both A and B, people hated me and were vocal about it. what a nightmare.

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apparently all I need for informed consent HRT is $220 for the first visit! too bad i dont have that!

if anyone would like to donate to the cause, I'd be forever grateful!


(I'm basically begging y'all at this point, I'm so tired of paying for the grey market option which may or may not be safe)

have had 2 people recommend FE: Three Houses to me in the last 36 hours, so i'm prob gonna buy that tomorrow

still i want like a little sub-10-inch netbook i can carry in a shoulder bag. too bad there is no market for that. should i buy an old netbook off ebay? or an x60 maybe?

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food politics 

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