@redsPL@niu.moe don't wanna scare you but it was in context of bad (or actually not satisfying enough for him) grades

@314 @redsPL@niu.moe I don't think so, he doesn't even know that I drink coffee every day, even though I pay with card/blik so it appears on his billing, or that I carry a laptop every day to school for like 3 years

my father realized I spend so much time talking with just @redsPL@niu.moe every day but still isn't suspicious about it 🤷

my classmate can't manage to pronoun me correctly yet he sends me this

@Jeder the thing about Multiplay is you can't change your router, it's connected to optical fiber directly
@314 @redsPL@niu.moe

@michcio external power supply? lmao, taking power from USB port

@314 it's almost 250 times more than my internet access at home

@Dee they use config provisioning for all devices so every time a router boots, it connects to their servers first to get a config and

@michcio I take 2 HDDs to school in my backpack everyday and nothing happened yet 🤷

inb4 just set it up on raspberry pi with a hard drive at home - Aruba is 4,92 PLN, unlocking ports on my router is 4,99 PLN (seriously, there's no user config and everything has to be done by ISPs' employees during a call), and apart from the hardware costs it would have power outages every few months and network outages almost every night

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so the thing is I set it up on a cheap VPS from Aruba, but can't expand that 20 GBs of storage

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rate how terrible is this idea: moving my Nextcloud data to Wasabi (set it up as an external storage)

@puuska@niu.moe the video was not recorded by me, I just downloaded and converted it to webm. I don't even have an iPhone. my good old Xiaomi has Blokada, Firefox with uBlock Origin and an open source app for wykop.pl.

fine to note that they seem to be dying currently

a link to this video on youtube is the most popular thing this month on this site, and the original video uploader started to delete their account

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