my classmate can't manage to pronoun me correctly yet he sends me this

fine to note that they seem to be dying currently

a link to this video on youtube is the most popular thing this month on this site, and the original video uploader started to delete their account

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moderation on is a joke

(this means that moderator rejected my report on this comment)

official profile of a party, which got into parliament this year


I gave my friend a VirtualBox image of Windows 10, where I set my name to Laura, so it appears on login screen. he asked me in a full classroom "what's the password for Laura?". I set up Active Directory domain and a user - Laura. the teacher asked me "who is Laura?"

SNEAK -200

coming out "tactic" - "accidentally" show a convenience store app to someone until they realize there is your new name on it

when a friend asks you for a URL to documentation files and you want to theoretically help, but actually make him searching through URLs for what he wants

Firefox to hide notification popups by default starting next year

A short story about how commercial publishers changed a fine feature into annoyance for their own profits

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