please let's put that cursed thing where it belongs

in the trash

@lumi the problem is we need some good, open source and decentralized alternative for it, cause these don't really exist

@selfisekai @lumi IRC! Discord is the latest IRC knock off they all come and go, but IRC has been around since the dawn of time (1989) and it's not going anywhere

@selfisekai @lumi
hardest thing in irc imo is images since dcc isn't viable anymore
most everything else can be done through extensions

@ocean @selfisekai @lumi IRC isn't a discord replacement until it integrates voice as a first class citizen alongside text chat.

That's coming from a big IRC fan.

@kline @selfisekai @lumi Ehhh IRC isn't a discord replacement because discord came about 20 years after IRC did

IRC is good because it doesn't try to do everything
it does it's one thing and it does it well, very unix-y

@ocean @selfisekai @lumi yeah, it's ace, but because of those choices it will never beat discord.

@kline @selfisekai @lumi Until about 10 years from now when Discord is dead and some other chatting service is the new popular one and the cycle repeats it's self all over again

@ocean @selfisekai @lumi sure, but it'll probably have a much more integrated experience than IRC, still.

Whatever the pros and cons for relatively technical users, the discord audience don't care.

They want integrated voice, chat, and fun social spaces with minimal cost, financial and effort. IRC will never be that, and that's why discord has absolutely smashed IRC/Jabber and TeamSpeak/Vent/Mumble use in gaming.

@ocean @lumi by a good alternative I meant really good. look at the discord, with avatars, emojis (including custom guild-specific and even animated for paid users), playing statuses, images, videos, rich embeds, easy http/websockets api for bot developers, one account for everything, chat history, voice chats...
I could say many more advantages for user. Matrix is much better for it, but still lacks some more features, fully functional clients and servers.

@ocean @selfisekai @lumi IRC and Discord are very different. Discord is an app, IRC is a protocol.
I wouldn't be surprised if Discord used IRC (twitch uses IRC after all)

I agree IRC is a very good thing, now we just need a Discord-like app that's as good but like GNU (using IRC or XMPP for text, and other stuff for voice and all)

Until then I'll keep using Discord :bun:

@ocean @selfisekai @lumi (so basically pidgin with modern looks and less options)

@cesese @ocean @selfisekai yeah i understand x3

you're forgiven for using discord because you also use xmpp and i can snuggle you there :blobcatsnuggle:

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