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this guy still posts lmao, he posted a video as recently as 6 hours ago

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playing Japanese PlayStation games is wack, I have to untrain my many years of X = confirm, O = back

Luka confirmed for vampire -- she doesn't have any reflection in the Luka Luka Night Fever music video in any of the Project DIVA games

lots of Male Sims CC hair is like
"look! it's the same hair style over and over again, just with a Sim's hand ran through it so it looks slightly different :)"

really dumb take that popped into my head 

Green Grass And High Tides is about modded Minecratf

turns out this is also a really good song to listen to while exploring in Minecraft

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fucks me up that in a lot of kanji, 肉 used as a radical ends up looking like 月 when squished sideways

I wish there was a way here to use regex in word filters
I have a few nearly identical filters just to cover all possible bases that I could condense into like one or two if regex was allowed

daycore-ing the entirety of 1000 gecs so the vocals sound normal

I need to leave it open because one of my Minecraft modpacks is updating

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the Twitch launcher needs to let you minimize it to the tray so I don't have it taking up a taskbar space

Canadian election shitpost 

as an Albertan, I'm voting for Bloc Quebecois, because I want a Quexit because I want Quebec to FUCK off

osu feels wayyyy nicer on this computer
feels more fun too even when I'm sucking ass, not sure why?

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