looks like the version of mastodon that vocalounge is on has nicer image caption ui


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time to sit and think about whether to move to vocalounge as my main instance until i get a headache

seeing myself on the vocalounge federated timeline is really weird

@MystSaphyr @Lystrialle privacy badger, it tries to detect trackers as you browse and automatically block them for you
in this case i guess it somehow assumed that is a tracker?

was thinking it's going to be pretty wild and kind of weird when seeu's 10th anniversary hits (seeu being announced was around when i first got VERY into vocaloid, and her release was the one i was the most excited for)
realized i didn't actually know off the top of my head when she was released
i went to check and the 10th anniversary of her release is NEXT YEAR
that's FUCKED UP dude

does anyone know of a private o2jam server that ISN'T o2jam interval?
i tried that one out but i don't like how, last i checked, the only way to contact any of the people who run it for support is through facebook
and that was really irritating because when i first signed up, even though the website said my account existed, i couldn't log in using the actual client until something like a day and a half later (i was expecting my account to just not work at all)

@persephone this one almost looks like a pokemon or something

??? it sounds like the cats are rearranging furniture upstairs?

i pile too many things up on my plate and then i get overwhelmed and don't end up doing many of them at all

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i think i always make myself too busy in a day


@MystSaphyr i think misskey MIGHT? i'm not sure

@MystSaphyr @Lystrialle at that point, why even have a web inferface
writing long posts would be a great use for it lmao, i can't imagine typing multiple paragraphs on my phone

@MystSaphyr @Lystrialle i can't even sign up to it because last i checked, you need to sign up through the app
my iphone is old enough that nothing on the appstore supports it anymore

@Lystrialle if you don't mind me asking, what instances if any does vocalounge defederate from? this post reminded me that i wanted to ask lol

i would kill for cartoon network to release all of chowder and flapjack on bluray

@emsenn calling being nonbinary man/woman centrism is one of the legit funniest things i've heard all day

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