i'm curious, what are some languages that people would like to see more of either just in utau or in vocalsynth in general?
(please boost for visibility, i'd like to get as many answers as possible)

@sangv Well I think having some hungarian voicebanks for vocalsynths would be cool (I think there is like, one or two maybe in total)

@sangv Mundane though this might sound, I'd love a French vocal! I'm still new to UTAU so there might be one already, but I know there's not really one on any other synth.

@peaches2217 there's a few, but the only one i can name off the top of my head is kevin futarine

@peaches2217 I've adored the voice of Voxwave's ALYS when she was released some years ago! (They even had a show!) There should be a solid album kicking around somewhere that showcases her

@sangv haven't found any downloadable german voicebanks, which sucks bcuz i wanted to cover this one song that was in german 😭

@sangv I don't really know how to answer given that I only speak English and Japanese now

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