@ god himself why did u make me ugly what the fuck man

im gonna bash my head thru the wall

just realized i’m gonna have to see my asshole former friend tomorrow and i’m already agitated fuckkkkk

aghaghah my fuckin eye hurtssss its driving me nuts every time i blink

sometimes u just get sucker punched

u ever remember the shit u did from like 12-16 and like. yes ragrets

i might be the worst but i also suck

i might have no talent but i do have a whole lot of BRS

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got up to get ibuprofen and when i was walking back to my room the my reflection in the window was kinda doubled so it looked like there was someone walking behind me & i had absolutely no reaction like i could have gotten stabbed by an intruder & i woulda been like Eh. what a way to go

i m getting more unlikable every day bfgvxhdmfhdfcbgf stob

sorry professor u seem cool but i have immense amounts of brs and the reading made no damn sense

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