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@sim @rye no. a family starts when you find a pretty gurl who helps you sacrifice someone to the sun gods duh.

pretty sure if my mom could swap me for my sisters bf she totally would

life hack to instantly cheer up:
nothing. not possible

u ever just mood drop thru the floor straight into hell lol lol lol

ok essay DONE and turned in


marshal was laying on the back of the couch and he woke up when i walked over and rolled over and i had to catch him because he almost just fell jsfg

i was gonna do something on here but idk what, reply to smth or delete smth idk lol what is a memory???? where am i? who am i?

who remembers the todokaras shit because i really wish i didnt

i had this hs teacher who talked like a supervillian from a movie or something and he said he could beat a tiger in a fight

technology is evil for example my phone rang at 5 am and that's just uncalled for

Can't Even Open Anything These Days Without Spottin Some Anime Nips. Got Damn

anyway my english prof does not care about his job at ALL it's almost inspirational


sry for being a downer im just tired of being exhausted & feeiln like death like 22/24 hours a day

god sorry i feel rly bad for everyone i interact with i fuckin suck. i dont think i would be friends w/ myself if i was anyone else

if someone could come actually end my life that would be super great thanks