also got a burst of energy at like 1 am and decided to work on this final but now it's gotten super late oop s

ive been watching breaking bad and its rly good but STRESSFUL. also bryan cranston is the best

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Rye dies in season 5 of silly

M O M S A I D I T ' S M Y T U R N T O P L A Y T H E X B O X

koala man lives under my bed and when i'm asleep he eats strands of my hair. pls help i'm have a bald spot.

been thinking abt doing commissions bc i haven’t heard back from a single job i’ve applied to & i wanna get some money at least but i feel bad charging cuz my art stinks & also id only have like 3 or 4 customers from here & that’s it, idk how to advertise & im not rly good enough to get ppl interested aside from anyone i already know

if i hear about 13 reasons why one more got damn time i swear im really gonna go ballistic

ami said its my turn to play

hfsjjde i forgot to take sound out of that video that laugh is INHUMAN

a year ago today my cat got stuck behind the washer

not done with homework for today and turns out tomorrow im gonna have to write a whole ass 1000 word paper again hawoioi390jiengns

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