im officially a year older..... wao

a couple of friends i haven’t seen in months are here and I was pretending to be asleep so I didn’t have to say hi yet bc i am just the worst but now they’re talking abt some shit that went down with ppl we went to high school with looks like it’s time to wake up

This horse was in my campsite yesterday and today I used a nook miles ticket and he was on the island I’m getting frightened a little

I didn’t know you actually have to ask Isabelle to see if you have the 3 star island I thought it would just give it to you

ive been going fucking bonkers with terraforming the past couple days

woke up thinking about putting soup thru a strainer

Sometimes when the light turns green and I’m the only one that starts driving I get scared I’m hallucinating and I’m actually running a red

25 year olds are like “rise and grind 👊 the grind never stops” and then sell adderall to high school students, smoke a blunt and then take a 3 hour nap

my eyebrows aren’t twins or sisters, they’re like 3rd cousins

Of course i will probably pay for this by getting a shit ton of hours the next few weeks and getting scheduled on my bday but

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i have two days off this week for the first time in months idek what to do with myself

just sneezed so hard i saw stars shoutout to morsh’s fur

i can’t die the microscopic bugs living on my skin need me

oh to be a frog sitting on a drain pipe

bitches want their palms read like all I see is corona go wash with soap

society has progressed past the need for family guy

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