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rye cole @rye@nulled.red

mike cole didn’t even wish me a happy father’s day smh im hurt

god idk why i’m so fucking tired but i feel like shit haha neat

gonna throat punch myself and lay down in a ditch until a coyote comes and eats me

god i’d be a Lot less stressed if i wasn’t the one doing all the driving and stuff whew

apparently there are plans today now so we either rent a hotel or i have to drive back in the middle of the night which is doable of course but idk if i wanna be on those roads at like 1 am

idk how anyone can sleep with a tv on it always wakes me back up when i fall asleep

every time i start falling asleep all i can hear is the characters on this show talking about sex. somehow that’s all they’ve talked about for the past 2 hours. very creative stuff. right now it’s pubic hair jokes

friend wakes up “do you want me to stay awake with you” so i’m like “no that’s ok but where’d you put the tv remote it’s too loud but i couldn’t find it” and she immediately falls back asleep


ggod im gonna fucking smash my head through the wall fuckbbgggshfmskdjhdvgshskxjcmtdkvsetgjbscbkgfsuacvmbdrjkvdbmfskfdbfjdguvbdykporwwwswtvcmllnbfexbhijfexbdxvolvdsxhbfesdfvbkllnbgewwaszxawtippkknhjeqqfykbddjhbdryjbddnkjjfrykfdcgyrukfhgduhfjgfjrdvshb

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brs stands for burger rextra sfries