time to find a new instance then it seems, am taking suggestions for instances

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It should be more socially acceptable to wear a billowing cloak with a large hood that conceals your face like you’re a mysterious traveler out of some fantasy setting

cadence and getting work done last minute, name a more iconic duo

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waluigi levels are 86% and rising

(86%) ■■■■■■■■□□

need to find me more people to play video games with

at least 5% of my brain power is dedicated purely to quoting the narrator from darkest dungeon

at what level of obscurity are you required to be smug about your music taste

how to work up courage to try and talk to more people more regularly

so hard to find a good nemesis these days

scp joke 

strange how the 055 spot is just skipped over, feels like there'd be something there

ngl if i didn't have such severe social anxiety i would be extra af constantly

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weirdness levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

not mutually required, and good char customisation does require the ability to make my char look cute

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there are two things that can totally sell me on a game:

1. good soundtrack
2. good character customisation

you ever read something and immediately feel like you've taken a psychic critical hit

ngl at this point I get like 90% of my news from memes I see around

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