How I play : Blindly hitting the keys for my dps rotation and only realizing halfway through that I've equipped the wrong weapon.

tfw you're just trying to chill doing story quests and suddenly an entire zerg spawns on top of you because you've been tagged as the boss in the map meta event

Waiter, waiter.
There is a soup in my fly.

Spent 5 hours in fractals today, the time just flew by.

LFGing fractal CMs is such a hit or miss.

Today was a miss. :abunhdcry:

Trippy! When you finish the jumping puzzle in Mistlock Sanctuary you can become a whisp and fly freely through the map. :miyano_yay:

Yes! 1 minute of rain!

But the temperature drop only lasted 10 minutes.

It's hot.

And I'm warming my room even further by pushing my PC to its limits with games. :bunmelt:

why are gigantic anime tiddies so ugly?

Always a pity to see excellent production values wasted on a bullshit story.

*cough* batman ninja

The new LOGH anime is pretty good, but with those weird space ship designs all I could think of was

On the topic of legendaries, I have Ad Infinitum but it doesn't fit the character. :abunhdcry:

I wish it was possible to disable effects from Legendary trinkets. I like the floaty balls from Vision, but the aura effect makes me look like I'm farting purple gas from my chest. Not healthy.

Meet my cute and fluffy power (blue) & condi (red) warrior. With these colors I can always instantly tell which build I'm running. :blobuwu:

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