hi everyone! building anything cool today?

i'd love to hear about it :blobcatflower:

@adasauce a CLI tool replacement without a pinch of prior knowledge of Rust

@moonspark learning a new language is very cool indeed!

have you been having any trouble learning Rust? I've given it a few tries but haven't used it for anything real yet.

how come you're replacing the old tool, or what will be the benefits of having rewritten it?

@adasauce The old tool is a sudo away from utter pwnage, and since it comes preinstalled in our systems (no package) the only way to repair it is to wipe and reinstall the OS from scratch.

Problem with Rust is that I cannot do things the way I'm used to in Ruby! I keep getting errors, and the manual isn't very useful to figure out why.

@moonspark that sounds like a nasty way to have to live, in fear that your tools will break and need a full re-install.

I wonder if you could install somewhere else, and extract the tool in an emergency and so you have it on hand just incase.

I feel you with those error pains. I've been *told* the documentation and introductory information has improved over the last couple years and lots of people have been working hard to generate that content, I feel like there's still a pretty big need for a "Rust for Rubyists / Pythonistas" guide for idioms and exposing debugging practices.

@adasauce oh, it's more of a (the usual) lack of communication from the manufacturer... which is why I wonder why noone ever thought of making an aftermarket reinstall package. Probably because reinstalling and restoring takes 30min tops.

@adasauce but personally, I've gotten so many tickets I prefer to roll out a single, fool-proof replacement.

@moonspark totally understandable! sounds like the old package was a nightmare, and I hope that the Rust learning comes together so your new CLI tool is happy reduces your support overhead :blobcatflower:


@adasauce Hope so! The original one has a non-standard API, and the manufacturer broke it in the last four releases :blob_cry:

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