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Releasing Docker images without (armv7 AND alpine) support should be a crime. :akko_aaa:

Balance is like a gyroscope. It's not something to be achieved, but a constant evolution. Adjust as needed.

i think i’ll be grepping my favs once i regain spoons :blobsleeping:

Important poll, please boost (unless it's already completed).

In Go, the standard library "flag" module has single-dash flags.
Like so:
-flag=value -otherflag othervalue -bool -otherbool=false

Do you prefer that to GNU-style --flag=value and shorthands -f value?
Or do you prefer GNU-style?
If you had the FREE CHOICE (both implementations are simple and easy to understand, and had no real advantages or disadvantages besides this ux), which would you choose?

I'm still looking for this synonym of parts bin... it wasn't bin nor smorsgasbord nor anything I can come up with...

someone needs to maintain a knowledge base of "simple" and "obvious" geometry/math tricks

i keep wanting something like that for rendering/game bs and having to wade through LaTeX-typeset sludge on mathematics stack exchange that deals with things i don't care about

Has anyone seen any constant current DC buck modules that accept a 5V input voltage, or a 60V one? I can only find ones that take 7-30V in. Designing my own would cost a lot more than buying one. #making

"I have a RFM73 that works if initialized with register values from the RFM75 datasheet, but not with those from RFM73 datasheet."

Hey I need to write docs for a procedure and this has me wondering how commonly certain words are known so:

Do you know what the words "Distal" and "Proximal" mean without looking it up?

(boosts welcome)


Hello there, I'm REZ.

I'm a demoscener since 1993, actually member of a group named RAZOR 1911 as coder.

I'm still living in the 80's, that's probably why I love so much big pixels and lowfi musics!

One of my latest work was a software 3D engine running on the lovely PICO-8 fantasy console:

plus, no need to enable fancy Windows features that break the remainder of your workflow

I need a scientific answer: why is the same Android device emulator way snappier under Manjaro than under Windows *on the same desktop* :blobangery:

anyone know where I can find a one-word-per-line text file english dictionary that doesn't include offensive words

this thing just emitted a Very Bad slur and I'm reminded why I generally don't use /usr/share/dict/words πŸ˜…

do yourself a favor and run yay with PKG_EXT=.tar ALWAYS

Installing TeX Live on Manjaro is 

the layers of deception and bullshit here, and the presence of a "SecurityViolationListener" are making me about ready to promote this from "garbageware" to "malware"

what would academia look like if it was predicated on respecting students?

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