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interaction roundup! 

* Let me know if I ever make you uncomfortable!
* I’ll always try to cheer you up! (spoons allowed, just don’t shock me)
* Posting terfs, nazis or any phobic stuff == instant block & domain hide
* Please respect me like I respect you <3

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I would love an FPGA with like, 100 IO but 250K LUTs in a QFN or QFP, for those times where I don't need a lot of IO, but a lot of fabric.

corporate support systems are trash 

me: submit request

auto-reply: we super busy btw, might take a few days
auto-reply 4 days later: there haven't been any updates so we're just going to close this unless we hear from you in 24 hours

me: no, I still want help with this thing...

maybe a human: here's your answer! (not the answer to my question) I'm closing this ticket now. please contact us again via the support form to ask us something else.

money forex 

turns out the pros say btc is the way to go

i dread the steps

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money forex 

tfw I want to work for Outside and not get half the exchange rate

Today's Electronics Let's Play stream result. Some good looking iCEBreaker-bitsy FPGA boards. They are smaller, denser populated and better looking in person! Fantastic job @0xdec can't wait to bring them up and build some fun stuff with them! :D

Money, outside the EEA 

Wirecard's collapse also took down Paysafe, so no more prepaid cards for us third-world countries πŸ™ƒ

living outside the EU sucks.

tbh what if anime but instead of boys and girls in extremely traditional cis gender roles it had enbies

tfw I'm finishing this project, but I gotta go spoon by spoon because it's more convoluted than a wormy can of worms

money -, payoneer fiasco 

between Payoneer getting its cards frozen, Paypal deadnaming and ripping people off, and TransferWise not emitting cards outside the EEA....

go bitcoin, I guess?

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I still can't believe Apple broke perfectly functional apps in iOS 13...

tfw I've got like 8 cameras in here, but I can't use any for livestreaming... thanks Apple T.T

do you have any idea what "a11y" means?

please boost this, I'm actually curious

Wouldn't it be great if git would give you the total size of transfer so you could have an estimate on slow connections

Just a PSA because I realize not everyone knows this.

Some adolescents are able to stay up all night frequently. To party, or perhaps to do (home) work or art.

I don't know why, but as you grow older, you will lose this ability. This is normal as far as I know.

However, don't work all-nighters into your schedules, don't beat yourself up when you discover you can't pull the same shit you did as a student, and don't make it a habit. Take care of yourself.

academic production, cursed 

tfw I just converted a LaTeX document to Markdown, so that my prof can correct it as a Word document

Terribly tempted to replace my Intel Gaming NUC which I bought for theatre lighting use with a Lenovo X1 Yoga 2nd gen. I would get a free extra touchscreen meaning I could have a 3 or even 4 touchscreen setup, which would be amazing. And 2nd hand it's cheaper than I can resell the NUC for. Anybody got experience with this model?

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