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Mike Cole @mike@nulled.red

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finch family, junior's beak is slowly changing to red

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Plasma Mobile can now be run on @Purism 's Librem 5 prototype hardware. Screen, log in, signal strength all work.


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tired: interested in LGBT issues
wired: I am LGBT
inspired: GAY

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fun stream, gotta take a break though since it's getting a bit loud. Thank you all!

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Still streaming! Playing Super Metroid for the first time, feel free to join! twitch.tv/mikecoledotco

Configuring for my first stream in a month. It's going to be amazing.

The Mike Cole "On Your Computer Box!" t-shirt design has been updated, multiple colors as well.

Pink, Gray, Black, Blue, and Purple!

cc: @alli niu.moe


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Only reason why I sometimes miss Twitter: Wint.

I'm laughing over swapping some letters in a name