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@Ocean22 About two years ago when I used to be on private trackers and forums for downloading music in FLAC, some people on those forums would flip shit if they found out you used a torrent tracker for downloading music and not Usenet. I don't plan on using Usenet any time soon since I don't like the idea of paying to download music in FLAC illegally. Now I just have a TIDAL account and a TIDAL downloader. So, I don't mess with private trackers anymore.

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programmers are like gremlins
no coding after midnight
or they become beasts

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sushi update: this is absolute shit

I want to talk to Lilia more.

@delores when you've been crying for two hours straight until you pass out, it's pretty easy to sleep all day.

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@lnxw48a1 Yup, thought about buying two cheap desks on eBay for about 120 USD.

@lain Serious:

You are married, correct? Tell your wife to join the Fediverse.

need a desk for soldering and projects.

what if I was a girlhaha