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Mike Cole @mike@nulled.red

Backlit Game Boy Pocket Update: backlight works fine, I've found out the weak spot where the GBP ribbon cable breaks at. Ordered a second GBP for 20 bucks, third time is the charm, right? Well, at least it looks pretty damn cool!


Saint Motel - Destroyer

🎶 "I don't break hearts, no that's not me. I don't break hearts, I destroy them!" 🎶


progress on the modded Game Boy Pocket I'm working on:

Broken donation console will be here tomorrow hopefully for the screen, going to install a bivert module and backlit screen panel from hand-held legend on the screen out of the donation parts console that is arriving. Final system should look like this with a backlit screen.


what a mad lad... the real god of gaming right here I'd say...