lost all data. this why you need proper backups.

@staticsafe @mike Does anyone feel like adding a regular backup/restore guide to the documentation?

@mike @Gargron there is a very basic guide that talks about a couple methods for backing up the database already

could be improved upon for sure

@staticsafe @mike Huh, I didn't see this when I was looking. Maybe others don't see it either. It could also benefit from more actionable copy-and-paste instructions

@gargron @staticsafe @mike weird that it's in "maintaining mastodon" and not the "running mastodon" folder with all the other mastodon admin + maintenance stuff, maybe that's why you didn't see it?

@nightpool @Gargron @mike yeah I don't remember why I put it in that folder, it probably should be moved into the running mastodon folder

@staticsafe @mike @Gargron Could that become a rake task, like “dump a copy to this directory; keep the last X snapshots” and another to load it from said snapshot? It could backup from the daily task, even.

I have my own process in place with offsite S3 copies, but seems like it would be super useful for the fediverse to have a no-brainer mechanism built in.

@tek @staticsafe @mike @Gargron I agree! Take the trouble out of the admin's hands, and just have the backups be automatic.

Or ask the user at install time, "Do you want to keep daily backups for up to 7 days?" , in case there's a space concern.

@Gargron yeah. it sucks ass, less people on the fediverse now. it serves as a good example as why backups are important

@mike @Gargron as someone who lost two instances last summer to this kind of stuff, I have to agree.

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