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cute girl @mike

One time, I had a dream that I was not Mike Cole.

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@mike whoa i have also had a dream i was mike cole!

@mike I made that dream reality, I'm not mike cole

@mike hmm we've all done that...but not quite be able to remember who or what I'd tuned into, a bit bothering hehe

@mayuutann Henry collects muffins and has been doing so for the past nine years. He collects all sorts of muffins, from the basic poppy seed to lemon weed from the bluest blueberry muffins to muffins only the imagination could bake. Henry collects muffins from all of the world. As time wore on, the world took notice of Henry’s collection and soon enough Henry had become a world famous collector.

@mike did u save this to rt 4 months later

Constantly, I have a nightmare that I am not Mike Cole.