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cute girl @mike

who needs a car when you can have a server room

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@mike anyone who likes getting free chairs on craugslist

@mike I'm not convinced a server room replaces a car, but it may replace central heating.

@mike who needs a house when you can have a data centre

@miwilc @mike when you live on the internet, that is just like having a house!

@miwilc I have trained my ears to block out the noise of 25+ fans at full speed 5 feet away from me

@mike Easier to use a car to get a server room than it is to use a server room to get a car

@bhtooefr @mike If you play your cards right, you can convert an old bookmobile into a rolling server room.

@mike #sonTwo is bringing my other server to KC. I think I'm going to store it at #sonOne's house until I get moved.