I have noticed that your avatar changes how people view your posts, and the "tone" of your posts, so to speak.

this is so true. cute avatar = cute person, i don't make the rules

@cosine @mike
I switched to this avatar from the cute pink cat clipart and now I’m ugly don’t be like me
@mike this is why ii sppend 2 hours choosing my avi every time i switch

@mike @cosine

Fun story:. Couple years back I mentioned that I remember most people by their avatars rather than their names, and that a new avatar is basically a fresh start with me.

In reply, one of my acquaintances posted a collage of all the avatars he'd used over the last few years. Not only did I recognize multiple "different people," but I had significantly different feelings about those people. I thought of some avatars as belonging to nice dudes, others as belonging to jerks, etc.

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