@audrey @Oneironott @luminol Yea same. There's one legit human ok being a human that I'd be into so far. _one_.

@Kyresti @audrey @Oneironott honestly id find it really hard to date non-animal people at this point, ive Gone Too Deep

@Oneironott @nventous @luminol @Kyresti
yeah, probably. Its just that the majority of people who do are kin themselves

@audrey @nventous @luminol @Kyresti and I'm finding out that sometimes humans are cool with that??? And get it? And aren't kin???

@Oneironott @audrey @luminol @Kyresti i've dated / crushed hard on ppl who were pretty firmly human-identified (or furry but definitely not quite kin) and i definitely was into them but they saw and acknowledged me for my nonhuman identity so i guess i wouldn't rule out the possibility in the future... animal people are just generally who i'm drawn to / who actively validate my identity in the ways i need from a relationship

@Oneironott @audrey @nventous @luminol @Kyresti I'm dating one (1) human and she loves the heck out of the entire me and that's fantastic

didn't expect to like a human this much but they ain't all bad thankfully

@tastymochafox @Oneironott @nventous @luminol @Kyresti humans are heaps good when they are good. Especially for me being a housecat :blobcatcoffee:

humans make the best owners

@luminol the tails not only TOUCH but they entwine it's -that- gay

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