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heres a new i suppose!

im luminol, im a pan/poly cat from Another Planet (still working on that one), and i really really like making music that i'll never properly release.

i draw virtually all of my own fursona's art simply because i can.

i also have a snow leopard headmate named nali, and i guess id consider myself otherkin to some extent!! idk im a cat alien thing.

chaos magic is something im into and i can never find the time to actually practice, but i try

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ive had THE BIGGEST crush on a certain alien otter and my brain cant handle it

theres this bottle of lavender essential oil near my PC that i like to sniff on occasion

the most dateable cat online. 99% of test takers get the answer right

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oh hey guess the grocery store just down the street wants to interview me

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if i dont thank you 1 on 1 i either dont know who you are or dont want to accidentally deadname you. but either way, thank you so much for helping us eat lmao

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