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heres a new i suppose!

im luminol, im a pan/poly cat from Another Planet (still working on that one), and i really really like making music that i'll never properly release.

i draw virtually all of my own fursona's art simply because i can.

i also have a snow leopard headmate named nali, and i guess id consider myself otherkin to some extent!! idk im a cat alien thing.

chaos magic is something im into and i can never find the time to actually practice, but i try

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transformative justice vs. punitive justice Show more

"real" and "fake" are not very useful concepts when it comes to identity. Rather, throw them both out and judge things based on usefulness, helpfulness, or just how comfortable or appropriate they feel to the person or persons in question. There will be a lot less stress and imposter syndrome.

asking for help with rent (hopefully last time?), boosts appreciated Show more

going to exclusively communicate via blob cat emoji. its language evolved

swear to god if humanity gets to spacefaring status and we aren't dropping infopackets all over the motherfucking place and uplifting as many species as we can into the near-religious obligation to care and feed for our universe with love and compassion for all things together, we've fucking failed.

the prime directive is white supremacist saviour bullshit pass it on

run ur claws through my fur (dragons with big claws especially invited)

job seeking Show more

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