Remember when that one person used a high powered telescope to take a picture of the moon using a Gameboy camera?


Or that one person who 3D printed a thing that let him mount a high powered camera lens to it

@loki I really want to see what this would look like with a shorter + wider aperture lens

@loki Like, if the crop factor is something like 10x, putting like a standard fast 50 on it would give you effectively like a 500mm close focusing wide aperture macro situation, in 8 bit grayscale

@masklayer @loki
I'm having remarkable difficulty finding what the actual sensor size is, but from the picture it looks like maybe a 1/3'' sensor which would be a crop factor of about 7

@mtknn @masklayer in the replies I linked the source, which states it's a 3.6mm² one, which, according to the source, is about the equivalent of a 1/4" sensor

@mtknn @masklayer just to say, I know nothing of photography so I don't actually understand the meaning of any of this

@loki @mtknn it just means the image sensor is ~10.81 times smaller than a 'standard' 'full frame' 35mm one,
which means lenses on it have a field of view that looks about like a lens with a focal length about 10.81 times longer would, if mounted on a full frame sensor

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