Ok, so doas threw a hissy fit when I wrote my own simple doas.conf with just "permit keepenv :wheel", but is a-ok with the template from /etc/examples/ with the exact same line.

I should just stick to sudo. Pufferfish tech is too much for a brainlet like me.

@dwaltiz Have you tried Windows “runas” yet? To be honest, it used to be more capable than it currently is, but they restricted it to make abuse harder.

Anyway, your “doas” problem will probably turn out to be something you thought you checked, like spaces or non-printable characters in the configuration file, or putting the file somewhere that is not on the $PATH, or forgetting to log out after changing the file.

@lnxw37d2 Turns out it needed... a newline at the end of the conf file. The pufferfish has a wicked sense of humor.
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