I'm enjoying posting genuine stuff to #LinkedIn. It's nice to come across posts with a sense of heart in them amidst a sea of thinly-veiled PR blasts, and I'd like to provide some of the former to other people. :)

@bthall Yikes!

I didn't know anyone still posted real stuff to ( ). It was such a spam factory ( and so useless for its avowed purpose of improving one's career ) that I left years ago and never looked back.

CC: @lnxw48a1

I've discovered some genuinely useful ways of using it, but in those cases it's been like being granted a relevant API after having a problem you need to solve whereas for most people I think it's like being granted access to a vaguely defined API and having no idea what problem to use it for.
I got my job because of LinkedIn, but I think that's the only good that has ever come of it for me. I do get messages from recruiters from time-to-time...most of which are uninteresting for one reason or another.
@musicman Yes, but with millions of people using it without any results, there had to be one person that got a job through #LinkedIn. Your name and face may soon be featured on a #LockedOut “success story” case study.

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