I have no budget for this yet, but the 30 year old () is going to receive amazon.com/Newest-Dell-PowerEd or similar.

Meanwhile, now has two old Dell servers and a rack. He’s been told to download a trial of ESXi, as that’s what the company uses.

ActivityPub needs somebody like Steve Ballmer in the space, seriously. (this is not an endorsement of Steve, but boy is he good at yelling)

Eating a guacamole bacon cheeseburger in , . burgers are too big unless I'm not eating anything else. (Same parent company as , for those in the Midwest and East.)

Isn't it suspicious that none of the leading are sharing about the ' plot to fill our plates with awful tasting ?

Among the issues with is the inability to verify neediness and uses. Am I asking for help because I bought a Porsche last month, or because of an unexpected medical expense? There's a very small number of people online where I have the level of communication where I'm certain I could know the difference.

Not because someone who saw the post might forget it, but because these stream-of-consciousness posts reflect your thoughts at one moment in time, which may not be what you think years later.

I honestly think that the default for most posts (dents, toots, or whatever other name your fediverse software calls them) should be for the home instance to delete the post after six months unless the poster checks a “preserve” box OR someone else interacts with the post in some way.

WeSobbing ( ) still having issues multiple days into an outage. This is really bad for a cloud vendor, y’all.

does not make sense and it makes me angry. Why is there a "35" notification, but no new messages? Why does it sometimes scroll back one message, then pretend that the message it moved off-screen is new and unread?


Tranquillity in has “planned” * downtime right now, so is offline.

* An upstream provider’s unannounced downtime.

“Registered Users” is a worthless measure. How many “Active within thirty days” users?

Sometimes shows a number, but when clicked, there are 0 or at most 1 new posts.

That number should be the number of unread posts in the timeline, but it is not. An explanation of what it counts and an option to count new posts instead would be wonderful.

What is NewsBreakApp? Anyone ever heard of it before?


Converting a pool to a skatepark in makes sense in light of their high number of quakes.

I'd be afraid they'd turn into ice cream mondaes.

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