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@rye Everyone knows "deallocate" ... that's when your dad changes his mind about the money he was going to give you.

@dog I’ve got to find a game for that mike will play. It feels bad to know how excited I was planning the surprise and knowing now that it goes unused.

I get to take an hourlong class on civility in the workplace today. Woohoo!

I fixed PulseAudio!! Thank you Arch Linux wiki.

This is what I meant. It makes no sense, but some posts in that thread are in my main timeline, others are not. I need to visit to get tantrum lessons.

I’m really tired of mopping up half of a bucket of water for every load of laundry.

* Open Follow: the model where anyone can subscribe to your posts, with or without you subscribing to theirs.

* Requested Follow: the model where others request permission to subscribe to your posts; which can be granted or not granted, with or without you subscribing to theirs.

* Mutual Follow: the model where subscribing to one party’s posts can only happen if that party subscribes back; subscriptions are part of a bidirectional relationship. (The other models are unidirectional.)

Joined a silent chat. No one is talking (both D and E are silent, while Ca, Co, R, S, M, K, T are all absent).

I think I will revive my takeover of someone else’s federated social network software and implement a conversation-oriented application that communicates via the ( and ) + the ( ) and implements some features from ’s and ’s . (Plus some interfaces; I’d love to see the various socnet XEPs in action, and it is painful to watch all those chat apps reimplement XMPP’s features poorly.

I never know which offsite posts will arrive in my timeline.

It bugs me that subscribing (following) does not mean I see all that person’s public posts, nor the conversations those posts are part of. That was botheracious when did it.

Twitter is a place where everyone stands on their soapboxes and shouts into the crowd. This should be more of a conversational place. software should make this a priority, so that shouting in the crowd is discouraged.

What does it say about when I remember some of the commercials better than I remember the shows?

Instagram & Twitter don't like each other, thats why you can't see IG images in tweets.

Mastodon/Pleroma & Anfora/Fontina/Pixelfed embrace each other, thanks to federation and the fact that we are open source projects.

I think thats pretty awesome. #activitypub

At this rate, the progress @up201705417 has made on the GNU/Social ActivityPub plugin, I think GS might support AP sooner than :pixelfed: ! I have been working on the delivery & HTTP signatures today.

While the world cup progresses, Colby decides he wants to play soccer. He joins the local team and displays unexpected talent, leading his team to victory after victory.

All those months of feeling poorly about his accomplishments fade away as “Col-Beast” becomes nationally and then internationally famous.