I got nothing done I wanted to accomplish today.

Going to see if will work better on the old tablet. I have been using , but since a recent update, it freezes repeatedly. If it doesn’t work correctly on 6.x, mark it that way, so that won’t offer it / upgrade to it on older devices.

Hmmm. Is ColbyBot a pigeon? I never considered the possibility before. I just thought of it as a mechanical repeater of man-cub musings.

@colbyebooks Hey, ColbyBot, is your real name also “Darwin”, or do you only use the online name “Colby”?

i can make jokes about invading Poland all the way I want because I'm Polish and I live here please go eat a nut

the invade poland joke is because my friend is polish. nazi bad

@danyspin97 @TheOuterLinux
> Wire is centralized and is really similar to Telegram in design

Yes, in that both are server/client and not federated. The difference is that #Telegram server source code is non-free. #Wire has released all their source code under copyleft licenses (GPL/AGPL). So, I could run my own Wire server instead of using theirs, but users would probably have to download a modified client to use my server, and they wouldn't be able to chat to users on Wire's server with it.

In all the jurassic forests no creature was more feared than the wild Colbasaurus, which would sneak up to another creature and yell "Pee pee, poo poo!", startling the other creature into, well, peeing and pooping on itself.
Today I saw a young couple who were sitting down at a restaurant with their little kid, the kid was probably 1-2 years old. The kid kept babbling and making baby noises at them, clearly trying to get the parents' attention, but they both had their noses glued to their phones and were totally catatonic apart from saying things like "höhö look at what Juhis posted on facebook today lol" to each other every few minutes. This went on for a good while until the kid got upset and threw food at her dad, at which point the parents got unnecessarily mad at her. What a sad sight.

In my family, we mostly only give gifts to kids under sixteen, except that my mom still tries to give something to almost everyone (and she's the person that can least afford it)

Upgrade your nulled.red account to the Colbus Maximus plan and get all the Colby you can stand and more.

In fairness to the bot, though, many of the posts it feeds from are already nonsense.

I wasn’t aware that ColbyBot could fave a post until just now. I thought it just recycled words and phrases from Colby’s posts into its own sound-alike nonsense postings.

04:45 CST, Colby repeating ColbyBot posts. Did you forget to again?

Colby can't sleep because he's trembling with fear that tomato worms will invade his home. Big scary green caterpillars with giant gnawing teeth, relentlessly chasing and devouring Iowan youths.

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