I'd be afraid they'd turn into ice cream mondaes.

I just read the TOS for , an client for Mastodon and Pleroma. Deleting now.

Mandatory data collection? No thanks.

I went to bed, closed my eyes. Heartbeat accelerated. Awake almost all night. Turns out I went to Arby’s for dinner and I had a soda with caffeine.

There’s a reason I try to be caffeine-free after 16:00. Ugh. Big mistake.

— Why is it that I only found out tonight that posts are collected onto their own search server?

First of all, that should have been opt-in only, and secondly, this information should have been available to people when they decided whether to install the app. (The link doesn’t say how people already using the app were notified, either.) @tootdon

Anyway, I'm about an hour late for bed. Good night.

Have you ever wondered why no one makes on a grill? I think that might be a great thing. Personal-sized pizza made for you at your table. No more fear that the delivery driver will get stuck in traffic and arrive two hours late. Plus: So many possible flavors that you can’t get at the major chains, from tofu and sprouts to beef jerky.

We’re going to go public before we open the first restaurant. Call your stockbroker today to get in on the ground floor.

's clear / filter notifications are in a dangerous spot. If someone misses the intended button when attempting to go back to their main timeline, *poof!* they're gone.

Nulled.red is the instance where we can't spell. We have *coughs* NOT *cops*.

Yeah, and it would have worked if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Turtle Wax gaming? turtlewax.com/en-us/gaming/ ... Sponsoring the racing game players with the cleanest, shiniest cars?

Did they preserve Sam Walton's old pickup in the company museum? I remember reading about him showing up at random stores with his truck and dog to do observation before he showed his ID and inspected the records.


> Drupal

Drupal is just overly complicated for any task, so that the only surprise is that it doesn't have more security holes discovered.


Note: I am just mystified as to how they think taking a joke this far is still funny. If I was running the project, I would rename the subprojects, so that the joke doesn’t hinder adoption.

You know I try to keep an eye on the . Now, makes that easier. Introducing “Wetboobs”, the weather app for the weboob platform.

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