's clear / filter notifications are in a dangerous spot. If someone misses the intended button when attempting to go back to their main timeline, *poof!* they're gone.

Nulled.red is the instance where we can't spell. We have *coughs* NOT *cops*.

Yeah, and it would have worked if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

Turtle Wax gaming? turtlewax.com/en-us/gaming/ ... Sponsoring the racing game players with the cleanest, shiniest cars?

Did they preserve Sam Walton's old pickup in the company museum? I remember reading about him showing up at random stores with his truck and dog to do observation before he showed his ID and inspected the records.


> Drupal

Drupal is just overly complicated for any task, so that the only surprise is that it doesn't have more security holes discovered.


Note: I am just mystified as to how they think taking a joke this far is still funny. If I was running the project, I would rename the subprojects, so that the joke doesn’t hinder adoption.

You know I try to keep an eye on the . Now, makes that easier. Introducing “Wetboobs”, the weather app for the weboob platform.

A warning for those who build a livelihood on proprietary systems and services:

Cloud9 (cloud IDE, deployment, and hosting) was bought by Amazon a few years ago, and is now shutting down its original service this December, leaving users scrambling who don't want to migrate to AWS.


* One user has 147 Cloud9 projects that he doesn't know what to do with;

* Another spent countless hours building course-ware and video tutorials that are now completely useless.

@LibertyPaulM FOSS fundamentalist here. I don't want Mozilla to block this or that. I can do that myself. What I do want them to do is to stop tracking Firefox users with telemetry by default and without informed consent. Most Firefox users are entirely unaware that their behavior data is being sent back to the mothership.

I don't use Chrome and don't advise it. There are variants of Firefox which are better and don't include the spying by default.

Security and privacy isn't a dichotomy. You can have both.
Fucking consumer tech blogs are ridiculous.

"This phone manufacturer's prices JUST DROPPED to $700 for a flash sale!"

What the hell. Quit normalizing these garbage market trends.

Perhaps this will help certain people understand why I distrust and dislike people who use the N-word or who use "Jew" as a perjorative. It isn't just a word, it is an excuse to kill people.

Pixelfed is too centralized around pixelfed.social.

I will be permanently closing registrations once it reaches 10k users and work on solutions to encourage others to start instances! #pixelfed

Sales emails with personalized video attachments make me SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

Like seriously, don't try to sell your product to me by calling out my name in a video. I'm not even the guy making purchasing decisions.
@lnxw37d2 @dwaltiz too many bugs. I still have a broken room invite from Walt that can neither be accepted or rejected, so it just sits there forever, making it look like I have pending notifications.
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