Q: Why do they say cows have more fun?

A: Because they are always a-MOO-sing themselves.

As much as I don't want a account, I should probably sign up for one, so I can stop bugging @corbin via the when I have a question or comment about something on his streams.

Honestly, I think that posting or boosting block recommendations just makes the Fediverse a worse place for all of us. Let users decide for themselves whom to block, or in rare cases, let the admin (dentmaster, tootmaster, pleromaster, etc) decide for that instance. I keep seeing these poorly researched blockrec threads, where it turns out that no one told the admin or the responsible instance about some issue.

I wish 's number notification made some sense. Is that the number minutes since the most recent post was downloaded? There are no new unread posts, so that can't be it.

It's an irritation that makes me want to throw the tablet across the room.

Why is this number there, continuing to increase, then you find no new posts?

For the record, at least on their HatThieves.es Pleroma instance, it wasn't a followbot. It was a single person that subscribed to thousands of random people. I know, because I had a short conversation with "ale" about the behavior. He/she believes they are helping federation by subscribing to so many people.

I tried to persuade the person to limit subscriptions to a number he/she could actually follow, but my Spanish isn't good enough.

> the need to be perceived as good

That's cancel culture. If you're not perceived as good by your fellow cancellites, they'll turn on you.

Just wondering whether and how a tag with non-ASCII characters (for instance ) displays, and whether it is normalized or used as is.

Lack of good search _is_ a complicating factor. Friendica and Diaspora both have partial solutions to the discoverability issue. Pump.io has (has?) a centralized firehose, where all public posts can be sent. All because socnets are almost useless if you cannot find people to communicate with.

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On Mastodon being complicated:

If you're not a Tweetdeck user, the thousand-column interface _is_ complicated.

Some of the complications around federation come from trying to hide such details from users. If a user saw every contact as a full user @ hostname address, they'd quickly figure out that some people are using different servers / instances. It would change their expectations.


My first impression is "well it is ", but I've actually worked in that state a couple of times without experiencing anything negative. I felt like I could go almost anywhere without much issue.

I have to add that the last time I worked there, I was near an old closed-down Army base with an adjacent wooded area. I did not feel like it would be safe to wander in the woods ... but I don't think that was about race.

> Why do boomers ... when I was 17 in 1942 ...

Uh, real boomers (as opposed to meme boomers) were born from 1946 to 1964. If you’re going to blame generations, at least blame the correct one.

Reminder that the CIA doesn't need to use slow, low-flying remotely-piloted vehicles ("drones") to search and map Colorado and Nebraska.

I normally try to almost completely avoid news, but I think I'm going to have to read about this event and recent events that may have helped precipitate it. It does not help that the Mastodon left are chanting "death to America" as though they were the enraged mobs that attacked the US embassy in Iran back in 1979.

When I was in elementary school, they used to make us sing this song. kididdles.com/lyrics/l024.html (I can’t tell if that’s cap-eye 024 or small-ell 024.)

fox10phoenix.com/news/mom-warn [fox 10 phoenix . com] Woman warns that sold her son a non-working demo Watch for $471, refused to give her a real watch for three weeks, until story appeared on news media.

joined the Navy to escape our area. escaped through his college program. escaped because his wife did college and got a job in another state.

In general, if someone lives in an area like my current hometown, use college or the military as an escape. Once you're out of there, never go back.

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I should also admit that I pushed all three sons toward college. (age 42) is currently working on his Masters and considering a Ph.D. (age 32) completed most of his Bachelors, but now has student loans to pay. Similar for his wife. dropped out after 1-2 semesters, worked in retail until an injury led to 5 years without work.

They all saw me working and attending classes all those years.

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In general, I do tell people not to bother with college / university. I tell them to find a vocational program or OJT that will train them for a specific job or industry, because it is usually a lot cheaper and faster and it has a better chance of landing them a job in their field.

BTW: A few years ago, STEM grads had the worst percentage of "working in the field" one year after graduation. People laugh at "liberal arts", but we're far worse.

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