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Skipping the nap. I think I'll take a walk instead.

There's still a chance my 40 year old will get up early enough to return my call before he goes to work.

Hmm, time to finish the CSS part of my fullstack web developer bootcamp course.

tfw when you follow a conversation on Matrix and wonder why no one is writing, until 5min later a block of around 100 messages appear...

Suddenly quiet on my timeline. Is there a "Must see TV" event going on?

git sucks Show more

Should I havr that super pig-out, now that I can see a little weight loss?

Might make a review of that YAOGONG 8586 soldering station, as I'm impressed by how good it is for the price.

Yes, I am trying to be more communicative with (some) family members. I am making a little progress, but nothing like I hoped.

2 hours into my workday. No OT except Saturday this week and next.

Amazing how much better I feel today. The combination of 6.5 hours of followed by a little regular does wonders. No telling how long it will last, but I'm ~4 hours into my day with around 6 hours before I can start the trip to my .

So, which of you fine gentle people want to lend me a hand pruning some fruit trees today? Please form an orderly queue...

@chalkahlom I'm surprised. I didn't advertise this account, so I didn't expect many people to find it.

Listening to Chicago's "Beginnings" and "(I've been) Searchin' So Long" on repeat, like I'm at the beginning of a new romance.

@mike everybody who's everybody already follows mike at nulled dot red

Got set up with this account. NOW I can go to bed.

I decided a few days ago that I needed another alt account, so I can make announcements about events and outages on Federati Networks servers without being affected by those outages.