Okay. Time to . Good night, everyone.

Colby, I didn’t write “sheep”. Stop eyeing that farm animal.

Weirdly, after days of the tracker showing zero hours of #sleep, last night shows 7.5 hours (and I’m still very tired), but much less headachy than yesterday.

I can tell that I have not been getting enough sleep, but the tracker’s numbers were ridiculously wrong.
I need to put the keys to the kingdom in escrow for events like that.

"Swirlies" ... used to mention that term about twenty years ago ... maybe he has a story or two that he forgot to tell me.

life 'success' (or fun, or whatever you want to call it) is mostly about creating chances. if you never go out, you'll never meet anyone. if you never send out those job applications, you'll never get a job. it's still all a lottery, but you can decide how many tickets you buy.
#PulseAudio is so broken that the only way to make reliable audio on Linux is going to be to add multiplexing into #ALSA itself. PA has never worked reliably and it never will.

It is _really_ weird that is only viewable for me on . Not even on (version 6.0) can view it.

I was trying to veiw part of your stream from bed with the smaller Lenovo tablet. I finally had to get up and get the Apple device.

@amic @dog

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Hybrids between Colby and the ? I've never seen and I don't believe they exist.

@amic Here's my China sweatshop grade setup. Baku seems hit-and-miss with regards to build quality, but mine's been solid so far; build quality feels good for something in that price range and I haven't had any issues reaching and maintaining target temperatures.

The fume extractor/filter is a godsend, I have to say. https://social.guizzyordi.info/attachment/460555
@dog I would suggest medical school, but I think fiber optics are taking over that task.

the entire ad industry is just fucking disgusting

I think I tracked down the cause for an issue some of our users are running into. It turns out that a vendor is using an older file format that $EMPLOYER’s IT security group blocks access to. I kicked it back to the person who has that ticket with a note to see whether the vendor can use a different format.

I think this one dates back almost two weeks.

Occasional reminder that "followers-only" is only rarely what you want.

What you usually want is a defined subset of your contacts that a post will be sent to. Basically, you want 's "Aspects," or 's "Circles".

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