Grinding against a body pillow with an aneros syn is a fun experience

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going to drive six hours to Georgia so I can record a video of Georgia Tech University and send it to @waifu and go like "YO ITS REAL BROS OH MY GOD HIT THAT BELL"


The padding in my bra is acting very weird this morning...

To everyone who sent me all that wonderful advice yesterday:

Thank you. You've motivated me to continue with my language studies.

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Currently 6:45 EST. Going to get up, do my hair, drink coffee, and get dressed for the work day I have today.

I won't be leaving Charleston, so I'm quite happy about that.

most hiragana and katakana I remember from back when I was sixteen, along with pronunciation, only thing I'm scared of is kanji

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I've been learning hiragana and katakana on and off over the last week, stroke order memorized. I'm having fun with it.

I found some old photos of my book collection when younger and rebought some of my japanese study books, so I'm going to start reading through those again.

I need to find native speakers to embarrass myself in front of.

Thank you for making me feel less like a dumbass.

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hm I do not like this username

I want to chose something else

third account time?

Hey Fedi,

I want to learn a second language, as an American though my views on learning anything are twisted and quite stupid. So I have a few questions for people in Europe/Asia who learnt English on their own:

- What motivated you?
- How did you find friends who spoke the target language you're trying to learn?
- What are some tips that actually helped?
- How do I get over the fear that learning a second language for my own enjoyment and to learn about other cultures and people is stupid because I won't be using it for anything "useful" like work, etc?
- How do you avoid useless bullshit that just makes you feel like you're learning?

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