i remember this game's plot being a lot... more... clearly explained.

the "manoo bracelet," the game's macguffin, appears to only be directly referenced in this single dialogue event that is triggered by a seemingly ordinary chest.

i KNOW i made a sequel at some point??? maybe if i can find that it'll explain more.

FINALLY managed to open the source for the RPG I made when i was 6

found a wallet i had when i was like 9 and it had a $20 bill in it like damn i was richer then than i am now

TCGE when you spend an hour on your makeup and then waste it by rewatching Mac Finds His Pride

funkwhale is cool and all but i dont really see how it's a soundcloud alternative.. it isn't really geared towards uploading music you've created at all

i just let my grandfather look at my masto timeline because he was curious about federation and oh my god what a Mistake

peertube literally just.. uses the hillary clinton 2016 campaign logo as an icon

i might just start doing my video editing in a WinXP VM

why does windows xp feel so.... crisp... and tactile? like, i could click on things in windows xp all day long

youtube's premiere feature is great because I get to see my friends' reactions to my windows movie maker lyric videos in real time

petition to add a "goodnight" event to Mastodon for when im sleeby

making a terminal-based mastodon client because i'm bored

the world record for longest time without a golang linter error is probably less than 20 minutes

they call them bitwise operators because they make you feel a bit wise

i'm setting every thing i write from now on in the DoaWK universe

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