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what if eugene krabs wrote ready player one

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There goes Phillip Banks The biggest sap that ever lived
what a stooge

I love how many technologies are just people removing features, finding out they're important, and then reimplementing them on top of their less-useful thing.

Like people who use UDP and then realize they need all the things TCP gives anyway.

Or people trying to implement a relational database in Redis.

Or the fact that the internet has tried to invent email somewhere around ten thousand times now.

i stg my computer is just trying to get me to socialize more by forcing me to talk to support people

why is it that ill spend hours trying to troubleshoot a problem before finally breaking and deciding to contact support, only to have the problem then immediately fix itself

PUT malone
GET malone
HEAD malone
PATCH malone

I just voted for 2019 winners! Vote for your faves & more at!

I started this decade as a pizza essentialist and I'm ending it as a pizza post-stucturalist

Currently picturing one of these “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual!!” posters but instead it says “2001 a space odyssey wasn’t an instruction manual!!” with no further explanation as to what that’s supposed to mean

ive reinstalled my system on my laptop 8 times in the last year, oscillating between NixOS and Arch. i wish i could just stick to one

writing minecraft plugins for the first time in 6 years gives me a weird sense of nostalgia also wow i really didn't realize how much i hated java

the floor is lava except you can only survive in actual lava which i guess stifles the burns from the floor which is really just like a metaphorical lava i guess and also the actual lava doesnt hurt you so i guess uh its like the floor is lava metaphorically and the real lava is like idk water metaphorically

minecraft except you can only place one block per day. minecraft except you always have to be standing on wooden planks. minecraft except player-made blocks only last ten seconds

anyone else ever just. really want to play minecraft with weird experimental mechanics for no reason

vice is such a weird mix of fantastic journalism and just COMPLETE trash that you like anyway and its so strange

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