played a game of chess w/ a friend as a joke and now we might both unironically get into chess in 2019 what year is it

@amic oh no sam walton's ghost has come to claim nulled dot red

Great news! The correct VRC7 patch set is finally known!

A debug mode was found for the VRC7 chip, and Nuke.KYT used it to make the first dump of its instrument set.

i want a printed copy of the filesystem higharchy standard

i guess i'm about to write a Matrix bot in bash................ hrm

pro tip: strain communication with the people who are close to you

im gonna put my DMs w/ my friend in 1-message-per-hour slow mode and see how that works out

i want to make an imageboard where you can only post once every three days or something.... i feel like thatd be interesting

when the moon
hits your eye
you're too close
to the moon

Datasheet state transition diagram vs alchemic transmutation circle.

i get to babysit my brothers cat tomorrow im so excited,,,, im gonna teach him swears

ami -> aim -> iam -> ima -> mia -> mai -> ami


i miss having a laptop with a 1080p screen ://

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