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if michael jackson were real his pronouns would be he/he

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what if eugene krabs wrote ready player one

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pinned post for me to reply to with band names when they come to me

least favorite customers are the ones who like to act like coffee snobs and order shit they think makes them look sophisticated but takes me ten minutes to prep in the middle of a rush



screenshots with the opposite subpixel layout as your screen are just The Worst. rather than the dumb flame wars we already have should start having dumb flame wars over subpixel layouts

i hate how starbucks created this idea that iced espresso should be like a milkshake

should i make a pizza or cry on the kitchen floor

Danica Roem won her race in Virginia's 13th district. Two years ago she was the first openly trans lawmaker in the US to be elected and serve in a state legislature; now she's the first trans person to be re-elected. #VAPol #transgender

im in charge of election data presentation at a local watch party but the state's election data JSON endpoint is getting absolutely hammered by all the traffic. havent gotten a single request through in 10 minutes

these are those "unforseen expenses" ive always heard ive needed to prepare for

cant believe zachtronics just dropped a game w/out warning and now i have to buy it

gonna start heating pennies in scalding hot water and throwing them at customers who don't tip since they love change so much

I've started just saying "mug or paper cup" instead of "for here or to go" but ppl still get confused

i come home from work with a brand new burn every day because im a moron

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