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pinned post for me to reply to with band names when they come to me

thinkin' about how many hours of my life i've probably wasted learning the Bukkit API...

bot that DMs me the date because im too lazy to check my calendar

me: "i dont have enough space! i want to add a link to my website!"
also me: *is using three out of the four available spaces for goofs*

i hate mastodon's arbitrary limit on how many profile metadata fields you can have

Bribing ICANN to create a .crime tld for your criming needs

type "[any politician name] memes" into google images and get an instant migraine

hey so um.. theres this girl.... and um..... Show more

Comma Separated Versions System (Pharmacy)

the matrix spec officially lets you add foreground and background colors and i didnt realize it until i was digging through the code to try to add this myself

every time i see things like this i feel a mix of horrified and excited

Taiwan becomes first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage

🙌🏼 🏳️‍🌈 🇹🇼

im gonna become a baker just watch me

this is the funniest thing to me for some reason (the device id is the pid)

really excited for one of my friends to notice me messing with this and then exploit it by dming me shell commands

wait i didnt forget it my <title> is just my domain name...

gay culture is making the <title> on your website the domain name

gay culture is forgetting the <title> on your website

screenreader kryptonite Show more

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