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if michael jackson were real his pronouns would be he/he

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what if eugene krabs wrote ready player one

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pinned post for me to reply to with band names when they come to me

kicked out of the polycule for making the ouija board say slurs

hosting a sleepover with a friend can any graphic designers help me clean this up a little?

the only thing i miss about node.js is the `debug` package on npm

fediverse kart racer called Ami Cole Rev n Roll

why do ppl care abt being "cute" or "hot" is it not enough to just be unbearably strange

anyone read any good books lately im getting close to the bottom of my reading list

house the homeless and then all of a sudden more people will want to go homeless just so they can get a free house....

name my band

"audiophile" friend spent $25 on a 3-foot 3.5mm trs cable

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