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if michael jackson were real his pronouns would be he/he

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what if eugene krabs wrote ready player one

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pinned post for me to reply to with band names when they come to me

how many patch cables can one fuckin person need

lady at the UPS store is upset that it'll cost her $150 to ship a cold turkey & swiss sandwich to texas overnight

really wanna live somewhere where 74F is the summer high

the ms2000 is the best synth anyone ever made change my mind

banks should use activitypub for inter-bank transactions

i should start using dogecoin ironically

lmaooo dogecoin doubled in value over the past half an hour and is now Rapidly crashing is incredible

can someone who knows tarot help me out here

reply to this with how many Kensington Security Slots there are in your house

oh these aren't homemade they were made in a factory.

a bomb factory.

they're bombs.

the key to my heart is through effect pedals. buy me a new effect and i;kk marry you.

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