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here's your quality pokemon dlc bro

why the pokemon dlc is gifting shiny legendary pokemon? what's this crap

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My blog uses Google Analytics So I CaN TrACK InSIghTs for My PERsOnAL BrAnD

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your irrational fear of putting your information into a computer is now gone. It has been replaced by a very rational fact-based fear of putting your information into a computer.

i should make some personal kind of website

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people whom I talk daily say my voice is fine but I don't feel it and then I break down everytime I think about it...

satan, hitler and azure drinking coca-cola in hell

20 days after, Azure support still doing nothing

listening to eurobeat while opening pokemon eggs, it's 2017 back again

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I got this today with rng, surprised because is way easier than in GBA

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