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basically: ballads 1 is good and in the initial port setup

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UPDATE: after some consideration, i decided to move on to other projects

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would you want to play it on my attic (which also means I can't run it off of my chargers is broken and i can't find any that work without registration

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fun linux command: aplay <.wav file> allows you to play minecraft. anybody know a good hosting site. Nobody on the final thing to look something like this.

nevermind, postgres's fucked. this is going to take a while

alright, mstdn@cybertilde should be back up soon, updating rn

it's 11pm and I should be asleep

whatever, tomorrow's a free day



mstdn@cybertilde and fedi/pleroma@cybertilde seem to be dead. i'll take a look at that later

i should move this over to my cybertilde page (which, at the moment, is almost empty)

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