aaaand the basic setup is done! to figure out where the nginx config is

only one error so far, and it was because the guide forgot to mention you have to make the user and database yourself

super easy to do anyways:

create database database_name;
create user username with encrypted password 'password';
grant all privileges on database database_name to username;

this might be one of the shortest and least painless installation processes i've ever gone through

time to move to misskey

i call the bluetooth manager the "bluetooth mangler"

@nick to be honest i have no idea how to work with dictionaries/lambdas but i will check this out, thanks!

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list of my active alts:
@knuxify - main account
@knuxify - mostly audio uploads
@knuxify - art

i decided to share the unfinished exercise database project, because why not:

and yes, i'm still working on it

half-related github issues save the day

update: it's the argument parser of my app being weird. had to replace my ``args`` with ``args, unknown = parser.parse_known_args()``

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