what features would you like to see in fedibooks?

things i'm definitely doing:
. customisable post frequency
. multiple bots
. bots learn from multiple accounts
. edit name, profile picture, etc. from fedibooks

things i'm probably doing:
. misskey support

things i'm not doing:
. patreon exclusive features
. different types of bots

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i don't know when this will be ready because it's a fairly big undertaking, right now i've only got a few pages prepared and none of the backend stuff

i'm not looking forward to the SQL stuff but the rest should be fun :bun:

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here's the bot edit page so far, it looks pretty gross i know

are there any options that seem missing? there are some other options not pictured here, such as turning off replies, banning given words, or changing the profile picture

i don't want to overwhelm the user with options but i don't want it to be too limiting either

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@lynnesbian the boxes having different widths feels a little weird
also fields with check boxes could be moved to the bottom and the checkbox part could be closer to the text

(there should also be an option for setting the post viewoptions (public, un listed, follower only))

@knuxify yeah the different widths is because css hard

moving the checkboxes to the bottom is a great idea, thanks!

and i can't believe i forgot post privacy settings, i'll add that now

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