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hi, I'm knuxify. i'm a guy who likes , and all sorts of 2001-2011 tech. i like:
- writing small scripts
- attempting to put linux on things
- building android
- most things linux-related
- drawing (rarely)
- listening to future funk and lofi hiphop
- old laptops
on this account you'll find posts about some of those things.

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oh my god everything on my screen feels so huge lmao

alright, looks like i figured it out: if my laptop is off when somebody does something that sends me a notification, and then i turn it on, i don't get the notification, otherwise i get it perfectly fine

notifications seem to be broken for me, i get them but there's no indication that i did

unless somebody hacked into my account and is actively marking everything as read

gooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning mastodon

remember when i used to do that

alright you know what time it is

that's right

oh boy sleepy time

i'll try to cw threads or comments related to developement updates that sound like marketing jargon

if you want to test it out or write packages before this gets released, the docs are now up-to-date and docs/ contains an up-to-date template.
please set up a local repository (see docs/

lots of features are missing, including the frontend, so unless you comment out all dependencies you won't get far

also i need to update the shoppepkg docs lol

so uhh does anybody want to check out my modded minecraft world

anybody wanna play minecraft

i think i'll focus more on the "finding friends" part and make that a web app

remember that fedi messenger thing i was planning a few weeks ago?

well, it's cancelled

anyways i'm finishing up the basic functions and a VERY WIP version should be up on a separate branch over at

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