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keeping a Christmas pfp until summer, as a bit

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:ad: i'm making landing sites for cheap 

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introduction and interaction guidelines 

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plot twist: pellets guy is fake and simply a character made up by hyperlink for clout

when is pellets guy getting a Mastodon account


:brain1: making memes manually
:brain2: using meme making software
:brain3: using bots on the fediverse

first working board from the soldering practice kit I got!

it's an rgb led controlled by potentiometers

a mastodon instance but there's no local timeline. you can't even post anything. you can't even reply to people. the only thing you can do is interact with other's posts, modify your profile, follow people and look at the posts on the federated timeline

is it just me or does randomly timeout

alright, what should i work on

mediocre idea: notifications when somebody un-likes or un-boosts your post

!!! it's the bad oc again!! i'm really proud of this!!!!

in case you don't know, today-i is a small script i made that i can use from my command line to make a log of whatever i'm doing

idea: making a bot that i can ping from mastodon and automatically runs "today-i" for me and can save whatever i did that day

playing Splatoon AND listening to 100 gecs. fuck yeah

bored at a mall? turn on firefox and see what happens

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