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welcome to my profile, where i rant about nano being too old on ubuntu because i'm the only person with a nanorc

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oh, you like risky guys? well, i edit the sudoers file using nano instead of visudo

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ok i know you're all tired of me posting about this instance

*smashes keyboard against head* of course it isn't going to work! it's selfhosted on a *local ip*, knuxify you silly goose

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update: rebuilding the whole thing. if this doesn't work i'll make a new twrp build and try to flash it like that

update: turns out android 5.1's brunch command leaves out plenty of things

so the proper commands you have to run are:

<source python 2 venv>
lunch <device>
make -j4
make -j4 bacon # this is the make command that builds the flashable zip

so i built half of android 5.1 with java 8 instead of 7, let's hope it boots and i don't have to rebuild the whole thing

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