Westerner: vegetarian food is so gross. It’ll never be good as meat


@ilovecomputers who could've thunk that vegetarian food would be good when it isn't trying to imitate meat

@ivesen to be fair, beyond meat and impossible is good too, but beyond that, most imitation meat tastes like dog food. It’s like they’re trying to sabotage veg lifestyles

@ilovecomputers @ivesen funny, I don't think the same
I think beyond meat and that kind of stuff are actually so close to juicy meat it's gross to me
Whereas when I get something close to sausage, or mortadella, or pork's belly etc..., I enjoy it

@ilovecomputers inb4 fake news and this is not Indian/vegetarian lol
That would be genius

@ilovecomputers :blobcatpats: sorry I was making a joke
Also I think even if someone did that, it wouldn't change the fact that I agree with what you say in your post (I'm vegan, and I usually don't eat meat replacements except when I'm lazy)

@ilovecomputers I work with Indians and we were discussing about food on one conference, it was really interesting, the diversity and differences between this and more European approach.

I still prefer to eat meat though xD

@ilovecomputers 100%
Vegetarian Indian food blows all western food out of the water, we aren't even close


Now Chinese and Japanese chew...
They stand more ground against Indian food

Those are my top three of all chews
Can't decide the order tho~

@Ocean I grew up on Persian-Armenian cuisine, so Indian food is up there for me. Japanese food after that


I love all three very much
But gosh Chompy-chan I miss Chinese food so bad...
It's been since March 9th since I last went....
I miss the nice people at the place who all knew me...
I miss the crispy tofu........
And hot tea...............

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