The enemies of democracy also depend on your willful ignorance of how elections are won in this country and your inability to unionize

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Hot take: Facebook’s original rule of only allowing people with college/university emails to sign up was a good idea. Definitely would have minimized the number of posters who spread anti-vaxx or QAnon bullshit in this day and age.

Is it elitists? Not really when you have colleges like CalState that help level up low income students

Higher education is the new high school. It benefits an online community to filter out accounts by such email domains.

He likely doesn’t ask our white friends this loyalty to America question. Only other friend I know who’s been asked this question, by that military boy, is half-Mexican.

Now, not only do I empathize Kaepernick, but I also relate by _a very little bit_.

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lol he said let’s not make RGB’s death political. Then I commented her dying wish where RGB said “don’t replace my seat until after the election” and a statement by Mitch McConnell where he is going against that wish.

His response? “I don’t want to get into this.” 🙈🙉🙊

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Military boy DM’d me another “do you even love America?” message after I posted how ‘Merica is unique for another bad idea: life time appointments for Supreme Court Justices. Before that, it was my post about the need for economic justice for Black people (aka reparations).

Gotta say, they really do recruit tools with blind loyalty, don’t they?

The enemies of democracy depend upon your cynicism and hopelessness

Y’all know who can’t just up and leave this country? The very people the GOP are fucking over with their power grab.

I’m a fan of burritos that don’t feel like a deep throating session

Online Tankies will now call Chomsky a conservative or fake Liberal or whatever lol

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