I just wish Drive-through Indian street food was a thing in SoCal :(

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Cases are surging here. I’m not even gonna risk going into crowded groceries. Thankfully I live near a 24/7 Mexican Drive-through, that serves bomb chile rellenos.

The joke here is JS packages are so bloated that they probably have machine vision built in or some shit

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I feel nothing but contempt for JavaScript build tools

I’ve wasted so much of my professional career trying to figure out their opaque processes and stupid bullshit

>feels cool breeze entering through window

Finally…where the hell were you last weekend? Do you only work weekdays!?

Heatwave day three: I see wildfire plumes on the horizon and I have resorted to putting my beer in the freezer

Cancel culture is turning people into cake. This madness must stop

🎶why you bustin nuts like you’re runnin out of tiiiime🎶

🎶why you suckin dick like you’re runnin out of tiiiime🎶

🎶why you cupping balls like you’re runnin out of tiiiime🎶

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Hamilton, but it’s a musical about Alexander Hamilton trying to suck more dicks than the other founding fathers

I want to find out who were the developers who decided to build buildings without AC in SoCal and kick their asses

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