I will never forget being asked standard security questions by an airport service worker such as where I went in France and my middle eastern lookin ass said Saint Denis. She gave me a double glance and asked me what I was doing there.

All I see is complaints about an instance block, not actual calls for a block. For the year or so I've been on the fedi, this is how I've seen every drama on here: yelling at an invisible foe.

Why is this here? What is this Memory Bank section? What purpose does it serve to this game?


Really Kojima?

A hormone named after social media likes. Yo, someone induce me some likecin

‪>gets back to playing Death Stranding after a month away from home‬

‪Wait…how do I play this again?‬

At the Japanese market and I spot some dude smoking in the parking lot wearing an ahegao hoodie. I swear I’m about to pick up my wrench

All right y’all. I found the perfect face mask against this Mexican beer virus

Where to find cute face masks that are actually medically graded? If the Corona virus is gonna take me down, I want to look good while it does it

Grew up watching Lakers games in high school on the telly. Living in LA you couldn't escape that. You also learned to avoid downtown cause of the post-game riots lol

So yeah, somberly nostalgic and surreal news today :/

Calling "Kobe!" while shooting a shot ain't gonna be the same anymore :blobsad:

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