I'm looking into this whole "the WHO wants you to play video games to encourage social distancing" and I'm finding nothing on the WHO's website nor twitter account.

I found this news release from the video game industry promoting #PlayApartTogether: businesswire.com/news/home/202

It name drops the WHO, but says nothing about the WHO being involved with this campaign.

I wish AC had the rosebud cheat code that Sims had, so many cute and pastel decorations I've been envious of 🥺


ay gurl, wanna come on my discord server so that we can animal cross and chill?

My company extended work from home till May. Just gonna lose track of how long I’ve been holed up in my house at this point.

gun pol 

This is what I recorded to remind myself how to play the last verse of The Shaking of Leaves with some bullshit guitar accompaniment I made up

US extended the social distancing guideline to April 30th


How ironic, I filtered out all the posts about filtering out those words. Where’s the meta flag for regex?

Gonna setup a word filter for landlord, animal crossing, and covid. That way I’m always on top

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