Finished archiving with mastodon-backup, so I'm ready to migrate to rarure where they shall suffer my shitposts. Goodbye, it was fun :)

Hey! is going offline on December 14th! please follow @kuru ! Thank you!!

I will post there why is shutting down.


Remember to pee before sex so you don’t accidentally pee inside your partner

We must preserve the sanctity of Free Software by enforcing a ban on politics and opinions in Free Software projects…wait a minute

How dare software be opinionated? It should remain as neutral as possible: by not writing a single line of code

>Gentleman, this is a really great agreement. It should last about 500 years... or until they elect a black person.

-- Ben Franklin

I see tankies are reclaiming anime culture from the fascists cause I guess you can’t adopt a radical political identity without anime tacked on. Be real you nerds. Anime isn’t punk, it’s cringe.

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