Wait, it’s full of cum?
Always has been

🌍 💦 👨‍🚀 🔫 👨‍🚀

Hey, remember this guy? :awesome:

I miss this silly smiley, it was something.

This is why I don’t like these dating apps, especially during a pandemic. I just message for a bit for a day and it fizzles out after that :/

Imagine complaining about contact tracing being an invasion of privacy…on Facebook

There’s a movie where Big Bird goes to Japan and orders the wax food models on display. The waiter tries to correct him youtu.be/uboa_ZIzNHs

Once I incorporated my home chores into my breaks, I rather prefer working from home. This is a time when I’m filled with the most energy.

What used to be pointless walks to the break room have become a lot more productive. No more putting off these small tasks to the weekend

I’m seeing profiles that are basic as fuck or kinky polys and nothing in between

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Came across a dating profile that said their passion was defending comedians for saying “something off.” Really? That’s a hill you want to die on.

Why are people insisting to eat at a restaurant during a pandemic? Is take-out an insult to this country’s extroverted way of life?

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