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btw if we were mutuals and i haven't followed you since coming back it's probably either because i couldn't find your mastodon handle or i just anxiously assumed you didn't like me interacting with you

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New rule now that I'm back on fedi:

Don't be abusive. I will cry, and I will block you.

this is certainly a lively social network

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has subtoots written on the sole of his shoe.

i don't know why i CW'd this "mundane" considering most of my posts are mundane lol

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food, mundane 

aw schucks one of the brats i'm cooking burst open


it's in my computer how do i get rid of it

people think mahjong is a game about scoring points but it's mostly a game about being really excited how good your hand is right before your neighbor tsumos


makin some quesadillas tonight and nobody's gonna stop me

mental health and medication question 

is anyone aware of research on people who are diagnosed with adhd but have a paradoxical reaction to adhd medications like strattera and adderall

i.e. wherein a person who takes adderall has even more trouble focusing and remembering things, and develops sleep issues approximating narcolepsy

someone please tell me it's ok to not be productive today cause damn i just don't have any spoons for anything

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