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the thing with having to scroll down the home column to find where you left off and then read it while scrolling up is that the browser is gonna perform like shit because that's not at all what they optimise for

Hey, anyone know if there's a way to scrub posts i've not interacted with from my pleroma instance?
I've been informed that #honk cannot be taken seriously without a project mascot. Fortunately, a solution presents itself.

Wishing everybody a fantastic Cyber Monday, here is Honk-sama.

in FOSS this is just a hindrance to everyone involved or that would like to be involved

proposal: start including files in the roots of repositories, explaining the starting points and structures of important modules for new contributors. check it's up-to-date regularly, such as every week

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Remember when Firefox versions used to have cool pre-release codenames and the browser in general had actual personality and also there was no minimum window size where there should've been

Every Wordpress page comes with a "CW: Wordpress" bar now but unfortunately it means Create Website

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T̶h̶e̶ ̶P̶e̶
The programming advent calendar is underway! Follow it for its 5th consecutive year of 24 days of Wordpress fucking up well-formed HTML that looked fine in the editor preview

are you going
to scarborough fair
parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
long ago the four nations lived in harmony,

Also I really need to figure out how to get SSL stapling to work properly because apparently I turned it on in the distant past and it just causes the first request to time out after 10s

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Sunday night sysadmin bullshit: trying to figure out how to get Apache to serve Pleroma's /static/ URLs directly

This would be much easier if it didn't emulate an overlayfs in userspace

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